How To Deal With Past #MakePeace

Early morning today I felt very sad for my past actions. What happened in the morning kept me sad the whole day. By the time I returned from my office, i was pretty fed up with my mood. So, I took a pen and paper and made a critical analysis of the situation.


Not everyone has got a past he can look at with pride. Not everyone has got memories he wants to reminiscent. Not everyone cherishes his childhood as many poets paint it. I belong to those people who struggled with their past. Needless to say, I wish to #ForgetEverything for good.

Today when I sat down to do the Pranayama exercises, three people in their late sixties got themselves places to sit near to me. Healthy morning is a great way to start the day. I always look forward to it. But what happened today disturbed my mind for rest of The day.

The people were discussing about what their sons and daughters were doing. Surprisingly they had all the successful children born to them. When I overheard their discussion, inadvertently I became sad. I belong to those children whose parents will never be proud of them. I belong to those children who have crushed their parents’ wishes forever. Sadly enough, some of my actions have caused great pain to them. When I heard those people speak, I felt guilty. I knew that I can’t change anything. Nevertheless I felt sad. What happened in the morning engulfed my soul with sadness for rest of the day. The gloomy clouds of guilt hovered on my mind the whole day. I couldn’t smile at all.

When I came back from office, these are the things I noted down. These things made me #FeelBetter and #GuiltFree.

1) I can’t change what I have done. So it’s better for me to forget them and convenient for them if I don’t remind them.

2) In some cases, I had taken right decision. However, their expectations were not to my liking. In those cases, had I taken decisions as per their expectations, I would have blamed them for whole life. That would have been worse.

3) I took some crucial decisions and hid them from my parents. I feared their anger. It is fairly normal.

4) Our egos clashed and the relationship was tarnished. I have an option and will to change everything, but I fear That they will not accept me as I have now become. 

5) I remember them from tiniest of the memories. Sometimes, I wish I forget them forever and carry on with my life. Which is a good option. No one is harmed with this decision. 

6) sometimes I think that I made wrong choices and I should go back. But I shouldn’t go back. Because, I believe, no one should.

7) Given, these points from the analysis. I found, that the only way for happiness and peace of mind is, I should take responsibility for my actions. I am accountable for what happens with my life and I should accept this reality.

8) Unless I #DealWithIt, I can’t be happy. Because every now and then such things will try to make me sad. I am very much prone to negative thoughts. I should #ForgiveMyself for my mistakes. I should accept myself as I am and make peace with it.

What do you suggest my dear reader?

After Near Death Experience #BeThankful

Life is a series of miracles. Usually we do not recognize these miracles because they are wrapped in the form of regular life. But when we meet with near death experiences, we tend to see how beautiful life is.

From what I have observed in my life, I have come to believe that we humans are very ignorant about the value of life. I got fortunate to have interacted with many of my colleagues on this isaue. Almost everyone of them had a thrilling story to share about their near death experiences. Some of them had survived the accidents, some of them had survived the illnesses and some of them were saved from possible deathly situation in miraculous ways. When they told their stories they often ended by saying, “That day I got a new life with God’s grace. Had their been a small mistake I would not exist today. That day I learnt the #ValueOfLife.” Sadly enough even after having gone through these situations, those people seemed to have forgotten the important #LifeLesson. 

We humans are very forgetful. Forgetting is a bliss in many cases. However, eventually we tend to forget everything. 

Yesterday my boss at the office survived from a near death experience. From what she told, the car in which she was traveling was completely damaged in the mishap. She had survived from the accident at one of the most deadly roads in entire country. When she came back to office, she was more thankful to God than ever. The shadow of death had touched her mind but couldn’t engulf her soul.

I have survived from many such accidents. Sometimes I feel that if life were a game, I have used all my lifelines. I care a lot about avoiding accidents these days. After surviving one of the accidents, I decided to celebrate the fact. I called my girlfriend and invited her for the small party. What she told me while we were having dinner gave me a new perspective on life.

“Congratulations on surviving yet another deathly accidents” she told. “Am very thankful to God for saving the love of my life. When something like this happens, I tend to love the fact that am living. Otherwise, on most days, I compare my life with others and feel sad that I have not succeeded yet. But when I hear about near death experiences, just the fact that am living is enough for me to cheer me up.”

Later on she said, “it’s good that we are celebrating today’s occasion. You have returned safely from the mouth of death. But do we need a reminder like these to make us #CelebrateLife ? Why can’t we celebrate very often?”

In my humble opinion, life is a miraculous sequence of events. It’s futile to try and understand how life works. The simple fact that we are alive is not simple at all. Talking scientifically, living every another second is a big struggle. Every second our body undergoes lots of changes; fights millions of bacteria and viruses. Life is a struggle at every moment. Thus, when we wake up every morning, we wake up after winning a battle. 

What do you think about it? 

Everyone Has Got A Story #Listen

It’s not easy to understand someone. Because it involves a very important aspect of personality- habit of listening. This is the secret of a happy, successful and fullfiling life.

I saw two senior citizens waiting for someone at the entrance of the jogging park. When I was about to complete a first round, I noticed that the person they were waiting for had arrived. The trio of senior citizens looked too familiar with one another. It seemed like they were college time buddies. Now, they were in their late sixties. The person who came late was giving some explanation, I guessed he was giving reason behind the delay. It was just another situation, however, today it triggered the chain of thoughts in me.

How many of us really like to #Listen? How many of really put themselves in someone’s shoes? How many of us let someone #Explain the situation and not be angry at the first chance.

In one of the novels I have read, a writer has explained life as series of stories. Each story interlinked with another like a web. Each story having some consequences  that impact someone else.

It’s important to listen the story which a person has got to tell you. If a delivery boy did not arrive on time, he has #GotTheStory. If the person forgot to do something for you, he may have got a story. Everyone has got a story to tell. If you give some attention and keep some #Patience you may give someone great relief. You may end up making someone feel happier, better and stronger. 

You Are One Of Them #FeelGreat

Looking at the group of youngsters enjoying themselves in the park gave me a new perspective of #LookingLife.

When I see young guys having fun around, I feel separated from them. I feel like I am #TooOld to have fun like that. But the truth is am just 26; technically a young adult. I should be having fun, doing adventurous things and not struck between philosophy and psychology. When I think like that, I feel like I am missing something important from my life. But then I tell myself, ‘there aren’t any written rules as to how a person of particular age should behave.’

I saw a group of college goer boys and girls having fun in the park. They were quite enjoying themselves in quirky ways. For them the world around them didn’t matter much. I looked at them and thought to myself, “what’s wrong with me? I never did enjoy like that. I never mixed up in the groups. I never behaved so carefree.” I felt am so different from them. 

I can’t think negatively for a long time. My mind don’t seem to enjoy the negativity around. So, I made myself think about the #Positives I have over those boys. Here’s what I found.

1) I have participated in national level sports championships. Which only one among the hundreds does.

2) I am an extensive reader and have read around 500 books. Which is also a good number. Very few around us achieve this feat

3) I have written and self published my poetry book. 

When I thought about these things my thoughts settled for good. I was not different from them. I just happen to specialize in different area of work. 

It holds same on all of us. #WeAreSame. We might feel like we are diffrent. But the similarity between us is we all are different in our own ways.

Say It With Smile- ‘It’s Alright’ #TryIt

It’s easy to hurt someone with words. Especially when someone has made a mistake and won’t mind it if you used wrong words or called him names.

It’s a noble thing to say sorry when you have hurt someone. That way the person who was hurt feels better. The one who says sorry feels guilt free and at peace with himself. 

#Attitude is a difficult thing to maintain. Especially with words. When I was on the verge of boyhood, I learnt these 2 words, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’. I struggled finding a gap between being humble and too naive while using these words. Sometimes I said sorry too often that I felt weaker inside. Sometimes I said thank you, so much, on such negligible instances that it made me feel weaker too. I later on learnt that the effective use of these 2 words determined my personality. Well, its same with everyone. 

Today while jogging inadvertently my shoulder rubbed against the female who was jogging in opposite direction. I was very much absorbed in my own thoughts today.  Mine is a strong shoulder. She might have felt the impact. I stopped the same moment and felt that I made a mistake. The female was in her mid thirties. She was a medium built, fair complexioned, married women. She wore blue and saffron coloured track suit. 

“I am very sorry.” I said apologetically 

She gave a faint smile and said, “It’s alright, such things happen.” 

I felt so better and relieved in a moment. She said those words in most graceful way possible. 

When I came back from park I thought about it. I felt for the two sides. First one was me. I felt so better when she said those words so #Politely and #Sportily. A good thing from morning can light up your day. It almost made my day. Second side was that of the female. She had the option to use angry words with me. The females hold their attitude at higher altar in our society. They hold kind of grudge on males as a whole. So, she will have easily used some wrong words or called me wrong names like idiot, fool etc. But instead she used kind words with smile on her face. She would have felt much better too. When you have an option that you can behave bad and still you behave good, that makes you feel #Stronger.

How To Think In The Morning #TowardsHappiness

It’s not easy to control our thoughts. However, its important. Today, I woke up and the first thoughts that came to my mind made me think about #HowIThink.

Thinking in a good way is the key to #Happiness. Expecting less & less from others and giving out love with patience is the way to the #FulfillingLife.  

Today I woke up with the sound of drizzling rain in my balcony. I knew I can’t go for a walk in such a weather. So much of passion will not suit my health! There were some options with me now. First and my favourite, I  could go back to sleep. Second, well, before a second thought entered my mind, I hid myself under the blanket. 

I wanted to go back to sleep. But #Habits & addictions make you miserably weak. Though I hid below the blanket and closed my eyes, I couldn’t sleep at all. Thus, I had to think about what else I could do. I thought, it will be good to just feel the morning breeze and watch the rain. Because I seldom find to do these things.

When I stood in the balcony feeling misty breeze on my face, suddenly my mind took me back to 20 years. I was a kid of 7. It is among the first of my memories. On a rainy day, we were trapped in a damp place outside the city. My parents worked as the labourers and they were abandoned. Penniless and in New place, We spent a week on meagre food. As soon as this thought came to my mind I thought, “why Did I think of the most negative instance? A lot of good things had taken place in rainy seasons. I had joined school in rainy days, I saw my brother getting married in rainy days, my results of exams came in rainy days, my photos were printed into newspaper in rainy days and I met with the love of my life in rainy days.”

All these memories were printed in my memories. But one sad memory took over them and made me dive into the past I so much wanted to forget.

Now I came to know the nature of human brain. We think of negative things first. We tend to remember them longer. Because we play these situations in our minds again and again until they become profound memories. But how should we think?

It’s important to apply filter on our thoughts. Let’s consider thoughts to be independent articles floating in our mind’s space. We need to apply filter on each one of them and catagorise them. You did not understand what am saying ? Let me explain..

As soon as a thought starts floating in our mind we should recognize it. For example as soon as my mind thought about negative memory from 20 years back, I should have catagorised it as a negative thought. Then, I should have catagorised it further as a non-important one. It was a morning time and I should have asked my mind to think about things that motivate me. I should have thought about how lucky I have been to survive  3 deadly accidents. I should have felt happy for having a girl I loved as my wife. There were a lot of good things I should thought about.

That’s another secret of happiness. Learning to think properly is a key. We should stop thinking and worrying about negative things. We should think and adamantly make ourselves think about positive and good things. Ones we started playing with our thoughts, thoughts stop playing with us. Ones we started taking control of them, they start behaving like obedient boy. It’s not so tough as it may seem. It’s so easy. We just need to start thinking about what we are thinking. That’s it.

Practice thinking like this every morning. Put a filter on thoughts that come to your mind. Give up the negative, sad thoughts of failure, loss and calamity. Make yourself think about good things instead. Take a look at your life and you are sure to find a lot of good things. You have earned a lot of success, happiness, respect and place for yourself. Think about those happy things. 

Let me know what you thought about it. GOOD DAY TO YOU.

The Eye Opening Conversation #StartNow

The best time to start working towards healthy lifestyle is NOW. A conversation in the morning opened my eyes and made me more serious about physical health and well being. Readout to find more.

Sometimes we behave like we have got all the time in the word. At some point or other some of us might have wondered, ‘it doesn’t matter if a day is wasted. There’s still time.’ 

It’s a good way to think in the difficult times. #Time passes too soon. There’s always a new day to start afresh. However, in the times of peace, it is not appropriate way of thinking. What happened today opened my eyes. 

I observed an elder person in his late sixties every morning. He was a slim person of average indian height. More than half of his hair was white now. The most distinctive thing about him was his dedication towards #PhysicalExercise, #Yoga, #Pranayam and #Meditation. He exercised like his life depends on exercise. I witnessed his presence in the jogging park but never got to speak with him. Partly because when I was relaxed he was always busy with meditation or Yoga exercise. 

Today I got an opportunity to speak with him. He was free when I was about to finish with jogging. He was a very pleasant personality. He had retired from government services last year. He was an engineer and worked in the field of turbines installation. Now he lived with his son and his wife. After exchanging pleasantries, I came straight to the point, “Why do you exercise so much?” I asked.

He smiled, “I have to exercise. Last year I had a stroke. I fall down suddenly one afternoon while I was working in the heat.” He showed me the mark on his chin. The chin had got wounded when he fall on the stones.

“With God’s grace I survived. Doctors said that it was so serious that I might have died on the spot. He advised that I should do physical exercise now otherwise there won’t be no #NextTime.  When I was out of the hospital, I went to Ramdeo babas training camp. I learnt Yoga and meditation there. Now I exercise for 1 and half hours on daily basis.”

Yes, the conversation was on the lines you would already have expected. But it opened my eyes. Like you I also know that I should take care of physical fitness. But when I had conversation with the eldrely gentleman today, I got serious about it.

LifeIsBeautiful and to enjoy this beautiful life, good health is a must-have. I have observed that it doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain fitness. You don’t have to hit out to gym and workout for hours. A fifteen minutes of daily exercise can keep you fit. That’s my personal observation.

There won’t have to be an eye opening situation so that we will start with it. There won’t have to be someone reminding us and nagging at us to do the exercise. Taking care of ourselves is a way of saying #ILoveMyself. 

Let’s stop saying that I will start exercising from tomorrow. Let’s stop postponing things. Let’s go for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s make it a habit to smile at difficulties. Let’s make a better tomorrow for ourselves. Am going to be extra serious about #MorningWalks starting today. What about you? What do you have about morning walks in mind? Which exercise suits you better? The jogging, gym, Yoga, Pranayam or some other. Where are you planning to implement it? And most important of all, when will you wake up so that you are able to manage your morning time? If you haven’t planned about these things yet, why not sit down and plan it today. It’s a SUNDAY. 

I wish a long life to the gentleman. May God bless him. And God bless you too.