A Man Working In Spite of Sickness #AnalyseNow

​I started for the office early morning and found that I had a flat tyre. I was not so pleased with the turn of the events. But then, what started out as a misfortune turned out to be a great learning experience for me. Not that I learnt something new, I reiterated the learnings which are engraved over time.


Meeting with a flat tyre is a situation many office goers dread of. I am certainly one of them. For me, the most frustrating thing about the whole situation is, I have to push my two wheeler all the way to the garage. 

The thing that adds more to the discomfort is, most of the garages do not open early morning. And, more often than not, one has to do the bike pushing exercise for longer than expected. 

After pushing bike for half a mile, I finally reached to the garage which was actually open. When I reached to the garage I was suddenly sad because the owner of the small repair garage was pulling down the shutter. It appeared that he was closing for the day. The first thought that appeared to me was, I probably should take a leave from office for the day. 

As a final reaort I requested him to do the repair work.

“I am closing the garage for two hours.” The lean looking garage owner said. His eyes were swollen and red. His voice was weak. He later informed me that he was 48 years old. “I have got a fever since last 2 days. Last night I had been tossing and turning in bed whole night. The cold had entered me like a ghost. I have to go early otherwise there will be a long queue in the government hospital.”

I really felt pity for him. But I requested him nevertheless. To my surprise he pulled the shutter open. And began working.

“So kind of you to do the work in spite of ill health.” I said. What he replied had a great meaning in it.

“I am not doing this for kindness sir. I am doing this for money. I have been struggling for every single penny my whole life. It’s a very small work I am doing in illness. You might be surprised to hear this. I have dug trenches for days in such health situations. I have lifted loads; I have worked in construction sites; I have worked on rail tracks.” 

For a moment I felt like I was tormenting him. I felt guilty. I did not speak much. I hate gloomy situations like this in which I seem to run out of words to speak.

When the garage owner was done with separating the tyre. His daughter returned. She wore a khaki school dress.

He was a proud father. He asked her what was taught in the tuitions that day. The little girl replied that she had some doubts.

“Sir, can you teach this small concept of my daughter.” The owner requested me very humbly. “I went to the school for only 3 days. In my childhood days, teachers punished with canes. I was so intimidated that I stopped going to school. Now I understand that it’s the reason I am in this situation.” He went on to explain how his contemporaries had been successful and happy.

I explained the concept to his daughter he spoke his heart out.

“I have done three mistakes in my life. First, I disregarded education. Now I  am very particular about my daughter’s education. Second, In my youth I worked a lot and earned good money, but I did not know how to save money for future. And now, I have to work for survival even when I am ill. Last year a person from insurance company explained to me that if I had saved only 10 Rupees every day since my youth, I would have been a millionaire now. But I never paid any attention to it. But I am changing now. I have started saving for my daughter’s education and future. I deposit 1000 Rupees each month. Third, only last year I started this shop, otherwise I was working on wages my whole life. It was only after the person from insurance company opened my eyes. I know its late but I am happy that I have atleast began.”

When he concluded, there was a faint shine in his eyes. 

The incident is self explanatory. Let me know your views on it.

I Wrote a Letter to My Boss #ExpressYourself

Sometimes, I find it difficult to express myself in a conversation. My strength had always been written stuff. That’s the reason, today I wrote a letter to my boss to #Express my dissatisfaction to her. I am sharing the copy of the same.

Hi mam, I would like to Let you know something. In past couple of days, I have felt humiliated. It was a result of how you spoke with me. 

1- when the Nagraj and his friend came with the printed fliers, I had come to your cabin out of curiosity. You shouted at me with lot of indignation. I was hurt but did not let you know.

2- today morning, I had come to your cabin to enquire if we have something to do at Airtel office. This was because I needed a reason to visit the Airtel office. Last time I had discussed with the employee at that office about MBA admission. Now, I planned to go there and take feedback or take discussion to next level. But you shouted at me infornt of Purushotam sir. I don’t know whether you noticed it or not, it was a humiliating response. But I smiled and left. I noticed that such incidents are happening on day to day basis now.
I am pretty certain, that in all the cases I behaved immaturely. I will surely take steps to change myself now.
mam, I respect you a lot. Had you not been there i would have long gone from ICFAI. You have done a lot for me without asking. You certainly have a golden heart. Thats the reason, i am expressing my thoughts. Otherwise, I never take this much trouble. 
I observed that this is not your fault. I have shown some wickness  of character in recent times. I don’t know how to play ‘tit for tat’ game. In some cases, I have displayed that I am not capable of violence. Which is quite a fashion in demand. 
If such things keep on happening, I would not be able to focus on work. I will inadvertently leave the organization. 
My expectation from you is of gentle behaviour. Which you are certainly capable of. I have seen enough voilence in my small life. Now I would like to be treated with gentleness.
If you have reached till the end of this small letter, I would like to Let you know that this is not a complaint. I am just expressing my thoughts to you. 
Good Night.😊

Remember To Smile #DoItNow

I read an article today. The article was written to the point and made me think about my smiling habits. The analysis gave me some necessary outputs. Read on to find out how it can be important for you as well.

In my opinion and experiences, nothing is more contagious than smile of the person you love, your friends and acquaintances, people you deal with on daily basis, people you work with and even the novices you see on the streets. That’s the #BeautyOfSmiles.

I came upon this thought today when I read the chapter from book titled Succeed Yourself by Richard Denny. In the chapter, author has emphasized on importance of smiling in all new perspectives. Here are some of the perspectives I liked :

1) Smiling takes lesser muscles than frowning. That simply meant our faces won’t be wrinkled soon if we smile more often. That also meant we will look more beautiful. 

2) The author has pointed out on smiling without any reasons. Yes, there is a difference between smiling and laughter. 

3) How about starting your day with a #Smile?

4) smiling person is automatically perceived as confident, passionate and friendly. 

5) Smile and negative thoughts will be at arms distance from you.

6) Everyone loves to speak with smiling person. Do you like to speak with a jolly person or serious one?

After reading the articles, I went on to do the analysis of my smiling habits? How often I smiled? With whom I smiled? And I was not so happy with what I found.

The first thing is these days I don’t smile much. I wear kind of a grave look on my face these days. The reason behind this is my distorted relationships with my colleagues. I have decided to improve the relationships now. I realky like my smiling face.

I have become too serious in my personal life as well. I love my wife a lot. But when am sharing time with her, my mind is almost always occupied with something or other. I don’t smile so much with her as well. This is a grave serious observation. I will make it a point to handle things with smiling face. Starting this moment itself.

I think a small change in ourselves on daily basis can make us better, happier and more importantly, stronger. What are your views about it?

How To Deal With Past #MakePeace

Early morning today I felt very sad for my past actions. What happened in the morning kept me sad the whole day. By the time I returned from my office, i was pretty fed up with my mood. So, I took a pen and paper and made a critical analysis of the situation.

Not everyone has got a past he can look at with pride. Not everyone has got memories he wants to reminiscent. Not everyone cherishes his childhood as many poets paint it. I belong to those people who struggled with their past. Needless to say, I wish to #ForgetEverything for good.

Today when I sat down to do the Pranayama exercises, three people in their late sixties got themselves places to sit near to me. Healthy morning is a great way to start the day. I always look forward to it. But what happened today disturbed my mind for rest of The day.

The people were discussing about what their sons and daughters were doing. Surprisingly they had all the successful children born to them. When I overheard their discussion, inadvertently I became sad. I belong to those children whose parents will never be proud of them. I belong to those children who have crushed their parents’ wishes forever. Sadly enough, some of my actions have caused great pain to them. When I heard those people speak, I felt guilty. I knew that I can’t change anything. Nevertheless I felt sad. What happened in the morning engulfed my soul with sadness for rest of the day. The gloomy clouds of guilt hovered on my mind the whole day. I couldn’t smile at all.

When I came back from office, these are the things I noted down. These things made me #FeelBetter and #GuiltFree.

1) I can’t change what I have done. So it’s better for me to forget them and convenient for them if I don’t remind them.

2) In some cases, I had taken right decision. However, their expectations were not to my liking. In those cases, had I taken decisions as per their expectations, I would have blamed them for whole life. That would have been worse.

3) I took some crucial decisions and hid them from my parents. I feared their anger. It is fairly normal.

4) Our egos clashed and the relationship was tarnished. I have an option and will to change everything, but I fear That they will not accept me as I have now become. 

5) I remember them from tiniest of the memories. Sometimes, I wish I forget them forever and carry on with my life. Which is a good option. No one is harmed with this decision. 

6) sometimes I think that I made wrong choices and I should go back. But I shouldn’t go back. Because, I believe, no one should.

7) Given, these points from the analysis. I found, that the only way for happiness and peace of mind is, I should take responsibility for my actions. I am accountable for what happens with my life and I should accept this reality.

8) Unless I #DealWithIt, I can’t be happy. Because every now and then such things will try to make me sad. I am very much prone to negative thoughts. I should #ForgiveMyself for my mistakes. I should accept myself as I am and make peace with it.

What do you suggest my dear reader?

The Eye Opening Conversation #StartNow

The best time to start working towards healthy lifestyle is NOW. A conversation in the morning opened my eyes and made me more serious about physical health and well being. Readout to find more.

Sometimes we behave like we have got all the time in the word. At some point or other some of us might have wondered, ‘it doesn’t matter if a day is wasted. There’s still time.’ 

It’s a good way to think in the difficult times. #Time passes too soon. There’s always a new day to start afresh. However, in the times of peace, it is not appropriate way of thinking. What happened today opened my eyes. 

I observed an elder person in his late sixties every morning. He was a slim person of average indian height. More than half of his hair was white now. The most distinctive thing about him was his dedication towards #PhysicalExercise, #Yoga, #Pranayam and #Meditation. He exercised like his life depends on exercise. I witnessed his presence in the jogging park but never got to speak with him. Partly because when I was relaxed he was always busy with meditation or Yoga exercise. 

Today I got an opportunity to speak with him. He was free when I was about to finish with jogging. He was a very pleasant personality. He had retired from government services last year. He was an engineer and worked in the field of turbines installation. Now he lived with his son and his wife. After exchanging pleasantries, I came straight to the point, “Why do you exercise so much?” I asked.

He smiled, “I have to exercise. Last year I had a stroke. I fall down suddenly one afternoon while I was working in the heat.” He showed me the mark on his chin. The chin had got wounded when he fall on the stones.

“With God’s grace I survived. Doctors said that it was so serious that I might have died on the spot. He advised that I should do physical exercise now otherwise there won’t be no #NextTime.  When I was out of the hospital, I went to Ramdeo babas training camp. I learnt Yoga and meditation there. Now I exercise for 1 and half hours on daily basis.”

Yes, the conversation was on the lines you would already have expected. But it opened my eyes. Like you I also know that I should take care of physical fitness. But when I had conversation with the eldrely gentleman today, I got serious about it.

LifeIsBeautiful and to enjoy this beautiful life, good health is a must-have. I have observed that it doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain fitness. You don’t have to hit out to gym and workout for hours. A fifteen minutes of daily exercise can keep you fit. That’s my personal observation.

There won’t have to be an eye opening situation so that we will start with it. There won’t have to be someone reminding us and nagging at us to do the exercise. Taking care of ourselves is a way of saying #ILoveMyself. 

Let’s stop saying that I will start exercising from tomorrow. Let’s stop postponing things. Let’s go for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s make it a habit to smile at difficulties. Let’s make a better tomorrow for ourselves. Am going to be extra serious about #MorningWalks starting today. What about you? What do you have about morning walks in mind? Which exercise suits you better? The jogging, gym, Yoga, Pranayam or some other. Where are you planning to implement it? And most important of all, when will you wake up so that you are able to manage your morning time? If you haven’t planned about these things yet, why not sit down and plan it today. It’s a SUNDAY. 

I wish a long life to the gentleman. May God bless him. And God bless you too.

Love Takes Patience #LoveMore

Love is the most beautiful & powerful feeling in the universe. It makes you happier, stronger and exceptional. But is it so easy to love someone? Given that its not so easy, How to love someone? What’s the BIG secret behind it.

Love, as a concept, can be categorised in two ways. First loving yourself and loving everyone other than yourself. What’s the difference between both?

Love, undoubtedly, is the most discussed topic among youth. Everyone wants to understand love; everyone loves someone; everyone wants to be loved back. For the past few years I thought about love too. I wanted to write a novel on love. But I found out that love actually has so many aspects.

A young married couple had brought their baby with them for the #MorningWalk. The couple and the cute baby girl were the #CentreOfAttraction in the park. The baby wasn’t in so good mood today. He was obviously irritated. This might have been because he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. The couple had brought her to the park because babies enjoy greenery and fresh air.

I was jogging. Every time I passed accross the small family I noticed that the baby was starting to calm down. When I was about to finish the 3rd round I saw a beautiful scene. The baby was giving a kiss to his mother. That’s certainly the most beautiful thing one would see in the morning. I paused to take a look at them. The baby kissed her father too. The couple seemed pleased with themselves. They had made the baby happy. Then the mother bowed in front of the baby and placed her cheek in front of her. She wanted the baby to kiss her one more time. Instead of giving a kiss, baby slapped her with her small palms. The baby was clearly Not in mood.

That’s how love is. #LoveTakesPatience that’s the secret recipe of love. You need to #KeepLoving your loved one patiently. The loved one has the small world of his own. You need to wait patiently till he reciprocated love. Even after all the patience, you should not expect a lot of love. 

We human expect a lot from life. We expect ourselves to be loved. We expect ourselves to be respected and treated with care. However,  we seldom wish the opposite way. We seldom say to ourselves “I will love her so much that she is overwhelmed”; “I will respect her so much that she feels like a queen.”; “I will care for her so much that she will never have to worry about anything.” Not that its bad. Its who we naturally are. We are naturally mean and self-centred. We have to change ourselves patiently. Keep loving someone patiently like Rhet Butler loved Scarlett. That’s not so easy. But one’s you do, you will discover a all new person in yourself.

It’s not so different between loving yourself or someone else. Both are on the same lines. It’s not easy to love yourself with all your faults, lacunas and failures. Comparing your life with others makes It difficult for many to love themselves. Loving someone else is same. No one is perfect. No one is always in good mood. But you need patience. Because, a mother was not sad because the baby did not kiss her twice. She was happy that the baby is in good mood and that she kissed her ones. #LoveMore & #ExpectLess.