Becoming a Better Person From Today #FatherForgets

Quite a number of times we behave cross with our loved ones. I think, we take them granted. We hope and think that we are always right and thus behave rudely with them. However, in spite of all this, our loved ones reciprocate love and affection on us.
Today, I read an article titled Father Forgets. This article opened my eyes. I learnt the bitter truth that I had not been so good a husband. Today, I resolve to be a different person. A loving person, a more understanding and considerate person.


It’s close to 6 a.m. I am awake from 5 a.m.. This is the new habit I am trying to inculcate in myself. It has been four days since I have began. I must say, I am pleased with my response to this new regime.

When we wake up earlier than rest of the world, there’s a greater chance that we will workout more than them. I found out that by waking up at 5 a.m., I am living 2 hours more than most people around. Happily enough, the morning hours are so cheerful. I can do a lot of things in couple of hours. I could become what I what. I could pursue my hobbies and interests and thus develop myself as a man. I could make myself stronger than yesterday.

The best way to make myself stronger than yesterday is through continuously improving my physical fitness, my ideas and my mental ability. I am taking up different tasks that take care of above mentioned areas. I am reading for half an hour so that I get the new knowledge. This knowledge will bring me in sync with the world. I am going for a morning walks, this helps me with physical fitness. I am writing the articles, as I am doing now. This gives me the stronger mental ability and improves my emotional quotient.

Today morning I read the short article titled, ‘Father Forgets’. It’s an immensely beautiful piece of literature. I happen learn the way to forgive and forget. I also learnt how to understand the feelings of your loved ones. And more importantly, I learnt the lesson in human relations. Now I can tell you, how you can improve your human relations too.

In Father Forgtes, the father resents and apologizes to his little boy for being harsh on him. He does this when he is asleep. The father recounts the episodes that happened throughout the day. He finds that he had been sullen with him for doing mistakes typical of little children. The father feels sorry for his own mistakes. He says that he expected so much out of his child. He agrees that he was wrong, because the child can’t behave like a man with dozens of years of experience. When the article concludes, father resolved to be a better person from next day.

This piece of art opened my eyes towards many mistakes I have recently committed. In my case these mistakes were against my wife. Now, don’t be hasty. Women never really grow-up. Theres always a kid in them.

I have been expecting quite a lot out of her these days. So much so that I have condemned and criticized and had been angry with her on several occasions. I called her lazy quite a number of times and hurt her morale. Here onwards, I am making it a point to be a loving and considerate husband. Now, I understand that she, actually is, a little girl inside her heart. I will let her live in her dreamy world. She will be happy this way. And I will be happier.

How to Manage Finances For Month #LearnFromWife

I was facing difficulty with managing my finances. Maybe because, I was trying to do it on my own. I failed a couple of times and sought counsel from my wife. That turned out to be a good practice. It helped me manage not just money but added effectiveness, love and respect in my relationship as well. Read on to find the simple trick for effective finance planning.

I have been working in the field of marketing for last 3 years. When I calculated the amount I have received from various sources I was amazed at the number. I have earned 10 to 11 Lakh Rupees of salary. I took the personal loan of 2 lakh from a bank. I earned as much as 50 thousand rupees from my investments. Inspire of all this, my savings are close to zero. I have not built any assets. Nor I have invested in any shares or bonds keeping the larger picture in mind.

To learn the art of managing finances, I shuffled through some books, some books came my way, I watched some videos. Finally I found a book I can relate to. 

The secret of managing our finances lies in one simple thing- the willingness to do so. Many of us are not simply aware that we need to start saving. RIGHT NOW. Some of us have got good jobs, some of us are born with silver spoon in their mouth while some of us believe in living for the day. But, neglecting the much needed need of savings can be disastrous in long term.

Just think about this, how have you prepared for medical emergencies; have to taken care of the education of your children; how have you taken care of your retirement funds. If the answer to any of the above questions is negative you should start building your savings right away.

The technique I am going to discuss is the simple one. And is equally effective. 

Buy three piggy banks. Lable them as “SPEND / DONATE”, “EMERGENCY FUNDS”  ,”SAVINGS / INVEST”. As soon as you receive your paycheck you need to segregate it. 

It is advisable to put 10% of amount in savings box. By savings box, I imply putting the money in savings account or buy shares, bonds. Invest the money. Dont let it lie idle. Remember the science of inflation, the money kept unused reduces in value over the period of time.

One should put close to 15 – 20% of the salary or earnings into Emergency funds. You can use this amount in the times of needs. This money can be used to meet with medical situations, education of the children etc. 

The remaining amount is for you. You can pay your rent, EMI ,buy things etc with it. But, no matter what happens let your savings grow. Do not use the emergence funds casually. 

I have started planning my expenses and savings right on my salary day. I separate the amounts of day one itself. Thankfully my wife is a pro in this art. I may take savings casually but she doesn’t. She takes pen and paper and plans out the foreseen expenses. While she does so, she keeps separate funds for movies and entertainment. It’s always good to seek counsel from your wife. That way she feels the responsibility equally. She gets the respect she deserves. By including her in planning your finances you give her a place of equality. That’s a must have thing for a healthy relationship. 

 I suggest you do the same. It’s the effective way of building a good future for you and your loved ones.

Do write back your views. I would like to learn how you manage your savings. 

Love Takes Patience #LoveMore

Love is the most beautiful & powerful feeling in the universe. It makes you happier, stronger and exceptional. But is it so easy to love someone? Given that its not so easy, How to love someone? What’s the BIG secret behind it.

Love, as a concept, can be categorised in two ways. First loving yourself and loving everyone other than yourself. What’s the difference between both?

Love, undoubtedly, is the most discussed topic among youth. Everyone wants to understand love; everyone loves someone; everyone wants to be loved back. For the past few years I thought about love too. I wanted to write a novel on love. But I found out that love actually has so many aspects.

A young married couple had brought their baby with them for the #MorningWalk. The couple and the cute baby girl were the #CentreOfAttraction in the park. The baby wasn’t in so good mood today. He was obviously irritated. This might have been because he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. The couple had brought her to the park because babies enjoy greenery and fresh air.

I was jogging. Every time I passed accross the small family I noticed that the baby was starting to calm down. When I was about to finish the 3rd round I saw a beautiful scene. The baby was giving a kiss to his mother. That’s certainly the most beautiful thing one would see in the morning. I paused to take a look at them. The baby kissed her father too. The couple seemed pleased with themselves. They had made the baby happy. Then the mother bowed in front of the baby and placed her cheek in front of her. She wanted the baby to kiss her one more time. Instead of giving a kiss, baby slapped her with her small palms. The baby was clearly Not in mood.

That’s how love is. #LoveTakesPatience that’s the secret recipe of love. You need to #KeepLoving your loved one patiently. The loved one has the small world of his own. You need to wait patiently till he reciprocated love. Even after all the patience, you should not expect a lot of love. 

We human expect a lot from life. We expect ourselves to be loved. We expect ourselves to be respected and treated with care. However,  we seldom wish the opposite way. We seldom say to ourselves “I will love her so much that she is overwhelmed”; “I will respect her so much that she feels like a queen.”; “I will care for her so much that she will never have to worry about anything.” Not that its bad. Its who we naturally are. We are naturally mean and self-centred. We have to change ourselves patiently. Keep loving someone patiently like Rhet Butler loved Scarlett. That’s not so easy. But one’s you do, you will discover a all new person in yourself.

It’s not so different between loving yourself or someone else. Both are on the same lines. It’s not easy to love yourself with all your faults, lacunas and failures. Comparing your life with others makes It difficult for many to love themselves. Loving someone else is same. No one is perfect. No one is always in good mood. But you need patience. Because, a mother was not sad because the baby did not kiss her twice. She was happy that the baby is in good mood and that she kissed her ones. #LoveMore & #ExpectLess.