A Man Working In Spite of Sickness #AnalyseNow

‚ÄčI started for the office early morning and found that I had a flat tyre. I was not so pleased with the turn of the events. But then, what started out as a misfortune turned out to be a great learning experience for me. Not that I learnt something new, I reiterated the learnings which are engraved over time.


Meeting with a flat tyre is a situation many office goers dread of. I am certainly one of them. For me, the most frustrating thing about the whole situation is, I have to push my two wheeler all the way to the garage. 

The thing that adds more to the discomfort is, most of the garages do not open early morning. And, more often than not, one has to do the bike pushing exercise for longer than expected. 

After pushing bike for half a mile, I finally reached to the garage which was actually open. When I reached to the garage I was suddenly sad because the owner of the small repair garage was pulling down the shutter. It appeared that he was closing for the day. The first thought that appeared to me was, I probably should take a leave from office for the day. 

As a final reaort I requested him to do the repair work.

“I am closing the garage for two hours.” The lean looking garage owner said. His eyes were swollen and red. His voice was weak. He later informed me that he was 48 years old. “I have got a fever since last 2 days. Last night I had been tossing and turning in bed whole night. The cold had entered me like a ghost. I have to go early otherwise there will be a long queue in the government hospital.”

I really felt pity for him. But I requested him nevertheless. To my surprise he pulled the shutter open. And began working.

“So kind of you to do the work in spite of ill health.” I said. What he replied had a great meaning in it.

“I am not doing this for kindness sir. I am doing this for money. I have been struggling for every single penny my whole life. It’s a very small work I am doing in illness. You might be surprised to hear this. I have dug trenches for days in such health situations. I have lifted loads; I have worked in construction sites; I have worked on rail tracks.” 

For a moment I felt like I was tormenting him. I felt guilty. I did not speak much. I hate gloomy situations like this in which I seem to run out of words to speak.

When the garage owner was done with separating the tyre. His daughter returned. She wore a khaki school dress.

He was a proud father. He asked her what was taught in the tuitions that day. The little girl replied that she had some doubts.

“Sir, can you teach this small concept of my daughter.” The owner requested me very humbly. “I went to the school for only 3 days. In my childhood days, teachers punished with canes. I was so intimidated that I stopped going to school. Now I understand that it’s the reason I am in this situation.” He went on to explain how his contemporaries had been successful and happy.

I explained the concept to his daughter he spoke his heart out.

“I have done three mistakes in my life. First, I disregarded education. Now I  am very particular about my daughter’s education. Second, In my youth I worked a lot and earned good money, but I did not know how to save money for future. And now, I have to work for survival even when I am ill. Last year a person from insurance company explained to me that if I had saved only 10 Rupees every day since my youth, I would have been a millionaire now. But I never paid any attention to it. But I am changing now. I have started saving for my daughter’s education and future. I deposit 1000 Rupees each month. Third, only last year I started this shop, otherwise I was working on wages my whole life. It was only after the person from insurance company opened my eyes. I know its late but I am happy that I have atleast began.”

When he concluded, there was a faint shine in his eyes. 

The incident is self explanatory. Let me know your views on it.

How to Love Someone? #WithFullHeart

My wife has joined a new job from yesterday. Now she needs to leave for work at 7 AM sharp. The funny thing about her is she is never on time. Sometimes I feel that there might be something utterly wrong with her sense of timing.

I am a very serious person. When it comes to reaching somewhere on time, I can’t help but reach on time. Every time. That’s actually a good trait in me, but nevertheless it hurts my relationships sometimes. Especially when I am married to a girl who is never on time.

The bad thing is, We all have some or other deficiencies in us. The good thing is, We all have some specialities too. Human mind is a one complex place. It takes bad things rather seriously. The same used to be pricking thorn in my relationship. I used to get utterly upset over my wife when she made me late.

It had been around two months and I was growing irritated with her over timing issues. Fortunately enough, I started noticing that I hated to get upset. Now I have reached to the solution of the problem. It’s Love.

When I married her, I married her with her good and bad qualities. Like all of us, she has got some deficiencies, but that doesn’t make her bad person. Neither me having some good qualities make me a superior person to her. That just left me with one option- to love her for who she is and not for what I want her to be. 

So, today morning, I woke up earlier than her and helped her be ready on time. That way I found the joy of showing my love for her. It was just a small work of 20 minutes, each minute I felt love overflowing in me. That’s certainly a treat for my soul.

I hope you liked my experience. Do share your views on the same.

A Happy Couple #SecretOfHappyMarriage

The secret of happy marriage is sharing time with each other. I found this secret when i observed the happy couple on morning walk. That set me thinking about it. Read to explore and share ideas.

A morning walk is a collage of different emotions. I get to walk a lot of happy faces every morning. When I come back from the walk, I come with the impression of these faces on my mind. I have always felt lucky that I live at the location where people of every religion, every status live in harmony. These days the month of Ramadan is progressing. I saw the happy faces of 2 of fellow Muslim morning walkers. It felt like they had washed themselves in the holy waters of peace. They appeared like the symbol of peace in their white kurtas. 

At one point I felt sad that such a beautiful religion, preaching of love And peace is wrongly catalogued these days. 

Today is Saturday, for me, this is a lazy morning. My body and mind are craving for Sunday. They get the rest on Sunday. It had rained yesterday and i couldn’t jog as the track had become muddy. 

I came back from walk with the impression of a Happy couple on my mind. This couple had come for The walk. It was an ordinary couple. They were both in there mid thirties. The extranordinary thing I got to witness was, they were really in love with each other. They seemed to enjoy each others company. For them the world did not exist. It seemed that they had found love recently. But looking at how comfortable they were, I thought they were married for quite some time now. There love and happiness set me thinking for the secret they shared. I found the secret of happy married life today. At least, I think I have.

The secret of happy married life, or the happy life for that matter, lies in sharing. The couple was happy because they shared the most important thing in the world- TIME. They took time to be with each other. They took steps towards happiness. They knew what’s it that both of them enjoyed. And they took time to enjoy it together.

Many of us want to know, where the secret of happy life lies. They search for it in the books and movies. They also seek professional help to improve their marriage. But the secret is simple. All you need to do is to spend time with each other. Find out what’s it that both of you enjoy. It might not be the morning walk. But, I sincerely believe and have observed that all of us have the set of likings and dislikings. Among the married couples there are atleast a couple of common things that both of them enjoy. It might be food, the sex, the meditation, the religious activities, the music, the literature etc. But there are things that both the husband and wife like. For happy married life, I believe, its important that we find time to spend time with each other doing things both the partners enjoy.

This will establish and strengthen the special bond of love between husband and wife. This will make the couple crave for each others company when they aren’t near. This will make them fall in love with each other again and again. And most importantly, this will form memories they will cherish their lifetime. 

Please write back your suggestions and experiences in the comments. I would like to listen to your insights.