What’s the best way to prepare for the big personal interview ahead?

I have been lucky enough to face quite a lot of interviews lately. Here i have compiled some questions you should know beforehand. I am sure if you have answers to all these questions you can face any interview successfully. good luck.


You might be scheduled to be interviewed for a big post in an MNC or for a Government job or even for a marriage. It’s pretty sure that the person might ask you anything out of blue. When I started my career I used to get nervous before the interviews. Fortunately I am working in the field of sales and marketing. I get to meet with dozens of new people on daily basis. After speaking with so many new people I found out that it boosted my interview skills. Now I do not get confused or nervous. Isn’t that cool?
Let’s take this topic this way. I have compiled some questions. I feel that if you have the answer to these questions before you show up at the interview venue you will be a champion of your game.
1. What are the things that trouble you about being interviewed
2. Why are you attending a particular interview?
3. Why you should get a positive outcome?
4. What might be the circumstances in which you might fail?
5. How best can you introduce yourself?
6. How do your skills, academics and attitude make you a best suited candidate?
7. What makes you so special?
8. Do you know the complete basics about the person/party who is interviewing you?
9. What is the worst case scenario of the interview?
10. Are you ready to deal with the worst case scenarios?
Just cover these 10 questions and you can clear any given interview. No matter in which company you would like to try your luck.

I hope you found the article useful. What’s your opinion about my observations. Kindly share your views in the comments.

Letter to Newspaper Editors #GoForDreams

​I have been planning to reach out to different newspapers to publish my articles. I very much wished to see my articles being published in the national papers. It seemed too ambitious to me. For quite some time, I kind of pushed myself back. I told myself that its too tough; it requires a great quality maybe I won’t be able to provide that; I feared that nobody will reply and my efforts will be wasted. 

But today, I decided to do it. I told myself that the worst that can happen is they will reject my request or won’t take efforts to write back. But, it might be a temporary ‘no’. They might reach out to me in future. Or, they might ask me to be a ghost writer. So I #TookAStep and began writing the letter. Am sharing the same with you. I am doing this because I feel firm on my feet when I share with my fellow readers. 

Dear sir/ madam,

Thank you for taking time to read the e-mail. 

I wish to publish my articles in your acclaimed newspaper. I am a marketing professional. I am working in the field for past three years. My work profile exposes me to meet, interact and deal with different people. I get to speak with professionals accross different industries, different ages and different geographical locations. My articles are largely influenced by those experiences. 

 I write on the aspects of self development. In my articles I share how I implemented different concepts from the well known self help books. All my articles are driven by my experiences. I believe they will get good connect with the mass audience, especially the youngsters.

The guide to self help is a need to almost every individual. Everyone wants to go ahead . Everyone is looking out for happiness, success and the much needed support. I provide my insights on different topics whos essence is to help ourselves grow. 

I would be very much obliged to you if you could extend the opportunity. Being an unknown to you, I would be delighted to meet you and share my thoughts on the same lines. My expectatation from you is to publish my articles in the columns of personal care, self help, motivation. 

Please find attached the sample articles written by me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With Best Regards.

Say It With Smile- ‘It’s Alright’ #TryIt

It’s easy to hurt someone with words. Especially when someone has made a mistake and won’t mind it if you used wrong words or called him names.

It’s a noble thing to say sorry when you have hurt someone. That way the person who was hurt feels better. The one who says sorry feels guilt free and at peace with himself. 

#Attitude is a difficult thing to maintain. Especially with words. When I was on the verge of boyhood, I learnt these 2 words, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’. I struggled finding a gap between being humble and too naive while using these words. Sometimes I said sorry too often that I felt weaker inside. Sometimes I said thank you, so much, on such negligible instances that it made me feel weaker too. I later on learnt that the effective use of these 2 words determined my personality. Well, its same with everyone. 

Today while jogging inadvertently my shoulder rubbed against the female who was jogging in opposite direction. I was very much absorbed in my own thoughts today.  Mine is a strong shoulder. She might have felt the impact. I stopped the same moment and felt that I made a mistake. The female was in her mid thirties. She was a medium built, fair complexioned, married women. She wore blue and saffron coloured track suit. 

“I am very sorry.” I said apologetically 

She gave a faint smile and said, “It’s alright, such things happen.” 

I felt so better and relieved in a moment. She said those words in most graceful way possible. 

When I came back from park I thought about it. I felt for the two sides. First one was me. I felt so better when she said those words so #Politely and #Sportily. A good thing from morning can light up your day. It almost made my day. Second side was that of the female. She had the option to use angry words with me. The females hold their attitude at higher altar in our society. They hold kind of grudge on males as a whole. So, she will have easily used some wrong words or called me wrong names like idiot, fool etc. But instead she used kind words with smile on her face. She would have felt much better too. When you have an option that you can behave bad and still you behave good, that makes you feel #Stronger.

Don’t Forget To Make Your Impression #LiveSmart

Living in a style that matches your personality. It makes you look a powerful person. If you want to grab attention of the people around you; if you want to look confident and not let anyone try to dominate you; if you want to show your love for yourself then you should start living as smartly as possible. What I saw in today’s #MorningWalk gave me this important lesson.

About a fortnight back I read an interesting news, ‘President Barack Obama’s wife revealed that he used the same tuxedo for his entire 8 years tenure.’  As a proof of the same the article showed dozens of Obama’s photos with different international dignitaries. Well, thats really interesting given that he could very well have managed the new tuxedo every time. This article flashed into my mind today early morning. Our eyes are the gates to our mind. My eyes have the habit of leading me into thinking.

I live as shabby as possible. My wife keeps trying a lot to make me live like rich people. But, I just can’t. Living smartly, I gather, isn’t just about availability of nice clothes and accessories. It’s about the willingness to get under those clothes and accessories. 

This morning my attention was caught by a person in his late fifties. He was medium built and had got the nice red and blue track suit. His face had an aura of freshness on it. He was shining with beauty and confidence. As soon as I looked at him I said to myself, “Boy, I should start living like that.” I had never seen that man before, I don’t know who he was but by the time I left the jogging park, he had left his mark on my mind. We might not be dressed properly all the time but our mind suddenly starts screaming at us that we should when he finds someone really well dressed. 

#LivingSmartly can really transform a person. I have felt it. When am dressed nicely am more #Confident than usual. I tend to think more optimistically. I don’t feel weaker compared to anyone. I believe, its important to feel so nicely. It’s important to #GroomOurselves. Because looks matter a lot, that’s how people treat you. That’s how people recognize and remember you. So the next time you are going outside the boundaries of your house, don’t forget to #MakeAnImpression.