How to be happy at work?

Being happy is the process. It’s all about managing stressful situations in right way.


For past few days, my work schedule is marred by the little conflicts going on at my office. In India, we call such tussle as Office Politics. What office- politics really means is one employee does back biting about other. The real tussle starts when other person finds out about this back biting.

The company where I am currently employed is a very small place. We have the total staff of 6 people only. In spite of this seemingly small employee strength, we face a lot of office politics. This impacted our professional lives to such an extent that one of our senior executives wanted to leave the organization. 

Being an office member, I knew about every inside story of this office politics. In fact, certain things involved me as a witness. And, to tell you the truth, its very troublesome. Because, there’s a chance that you will make some enemies even after doing the right thing. I, however, chose the right thing.

This whole incident, which involved a male and a female employee involved in oral spat, dragged on for a complete period of one week. Today, when it finally closed, I found some points worth sharing with everyone. 

1. The female employee had reacted to the words which the male employee hadn’t meant for her. Her disbelief on herself had dilluded her to think that the male employee talks about her all the time.

2. The person who communicated with both these employees had played real politics too. The third person made sure that the fire of anger stayed kindled between two of them.

3. The issues at stake were insignificant. It had arisen out of attitude problems. Had both the employees sat down and discussed, it might have been solved under 15 minutes.

4. It’s good to know that someone played foul with you. However, its not important to go to war at every small instance. The female employee had done this mistake.


The Royal Road to Riches #HowToAttractMoney

Everyone wants to be rich. In fact, if I wrote down the names of people who want to be rich I would be on top of the list. However, not everyone of us is aware of how to attract money.

Yesterday I bought a book titled ‘How To Attract Money by Joseph Murphy’. I found the book positively motivating. The author has given all new angle to the concept of amassing wealth. The angle I am referring starts from thoughts. The thoughts thus changed are transformed into actions leading to wealth creation.

The good thing was, I have already been practicing some parts of the book in my daily life. And I have ripped excellent fruits. Let me share the brief overview of the learning with you. I believe the learning will be helpful to you in long term.

Author stresses on the mentality of being rich. Some people are groomed in such ways that they have come to hate wealth. Some people have been through the situations in which they have found money to be the root of all evils. These people walk around hating money. This keeps them poorer.

There is no virtue in being or staying poor. In fact one finds it difficult to attain peace, enjoy life through its instruments when he doesn’t have money. Thus, in many ways wealth makes our life easier. 

The law of Attraction works equally for Everyone of us. We are all bound by it. As it applies on living and non living things, so does it apply on the thoughts. The thoughts are made of energy. And could be considered and interpreted like physical things. Every thing in the world attracts everything else. So do thoughts.

The author stresses that the concept of law of Attraction is applicable on everything in the world. One can attract health, wealth, success, relationships, emotions and virtually anything that he craves for. It solely depends on how one attracts them.

One needs to think positively. Here let me clear the meaning of positive. 

Today morning, My wife informed my that there was some moisture on the kitchen floor. She said ,”take care. Don’t slip on the floor.” To her the sentence was positive. However, inadvertently she had spoken a negative sentence. When I bought the thing to her attention she said, “take care. Walk safely on the kitchen floor.” That’s a positive sentence.

We humans tend to think in terms of images. Thus when we are told that we should not slip on floor, we actually think of the images of slipping on the floor. And the same is transformed into actions. However,  we should think about what we want. If we want to be safe we should think about being safe. If we want wealth we should think about being wealthy. And when we think about having money we should think “I have a lot of flow of surplus money.” And should feel like that.

I believe, you have studied similar books before. However, I shared my thoughts one more time. We tend to forget about things. I want you to remember the concept of law of Attraction. 

Do share your thoughts and experiences in comments box.