How They Gre Getting Younger Day By Day #CelebrateLife

I look aged than my age. While I saw a person today who looked much younger to his age. The secret of their youth is in how they think.

In past 15 year I transformed from a 10 yr old to the 25. People guess my age at 35. I look older than my age. While there are few special people in my life who haven’t aged by a single day in last 15 yrs. Now the question remains, ‘Whats the secret of their long-lasting youth?’ I think, I have found the answer today.

Today’s #MorningWalkers were in all fresh moods. It was drizzling slowly. The rain drops were so minute that they gave a feeling like its snowing. Though rainy days are quite clumsy, such mornings have a pleasant aura around them. All the people looked merrier than all other days. No one complained that they are getting wet in the morning. Well, that’s a #GreatStart Of a #GoodDay.
I spotted a person who looked merrier than all. He must have been in his late sixties. His hair had a glow of silver lining just around the ears. The truth is he is much older than he looks.

I took some time to observe his actions. He looked so calm yet so happy that he reminded me of the real life Benjamin Button. He was not in hurry at all. His face displayed the feelings of joy and satisfaction. It seemed like morning walk was a #MorningRitual to him. Ones done with his walk he did some simple stretching exercises and sat down. He started clapping then. When he clapped, then sound of happy claps echoed in the 2 acre area. He clapped like a small kid claps when he is happy. It seemed like he was beginning the day with a celebration of the day. It’s a great way of starting your day.

I reflected on my life and found that I do exactly the opposite things. As soon as I wake up, my brain starts calculating the different things I have got to do today. It drifts into the serious lands of job responsibilities, funds management and all.

Why don’t we #CelebrateEveryday? Why can’t we become happy without big reasons? Isn’t it a big reason that we are living? Isn’t it a reason that a new day has arrived? 

How about #CelebratingLife. How about starting our days with happy thoughts? Am going to think of happiness starting today’s morning. Am going to celebrate and become happy without reasons. Everyday when I wake up and going to say – “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE I HAVE GOT. I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH.”

What do you think about it?

Stray Dogs Bark A Lot #PurposeOfLife

The purpose less life is like that of a life of a stray dog. Some people simply waste their lives complaining about things like stray dogs spend their lives barking to no purpose. Then what’s the way to live a purposeful life? How to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life? How to achieve success with approach of purpose.

The saying ‘Barking dogs seldom bite’ happens to be true. Because the only time when a dog got hold of me, he did not bite. But, ones I had that experience with me, I do fear barking dogs. I fear that barking dogs can also bite sometimes. We cannot predict the animal gone rogue.

I observe a dozen of stray dogs every morning while going to the jogging park. These dogs are always barking on my fellow #MorningWalkers. They fight a lot among themselves. Today, while I was returning from the walk, one of the dog frightened the hell out of me. He got too close that I feared he will bite. And he would surely have, had I not shouted at him. This incident sparked a chain of thought in me. I had seen similar situations happening with others, but that hadn’t set me thinking. I went on to compare stray dogs with that of the purpose less person. They both exhibit some similarities between them. Both of them seem to share the common mentality. 

Stray dogs are more active in early mornings and late nights. They just go rogue. But during day times they hide somewhere and lie lazily on the pavements. The purpose less person does the same. He doesn’t seem to utilize his life for anything good.

Stray dogs do but one thing in their life- barking. The purpose less person does the same. He spends most part of his life complaining about things. He complains about his luck. He complains about how he was cheated. He always has an excuse ready with him. He is just happy in whatever he has. Complaining doesn’t earn anything. And he has nothing but his purpose less days with him. 

Stray dogs die a dogs death. Why would anyone care about them. They did not give anything to the society for which people will be humble sad for their death. Purpose less person’s life ends in the similar way, one cares if they exist or not.

I solemnly believe not everyone will become rich, successful and strong. But, everyone can have a purpose in life. That’s a must have resource for life. Because if you don’t have a purpose chances are you will be considered and behaved like a stray dog. No one will think twice before pelting a stone at you. No one will care about your rights and emotions. No one will care if you are there or not.

There’s a chance that someone has lead a purpose less life. There’s a chance that he has shifted from one goal to other. There’s a chance that he has given up all hopes to rise. But, that’s the beauty of life. There’s always another day to start a fresh. There’s always another day to start from scratch. There’s always another day to #MakeYourMark.

Have a purpose. It can be a grand one or a small one. It’s your purpose. Your purpose doesn’t have to become a richest person on earth. It can be as simple as educating your children to make them successful. There can be so many small purposes your life can be about. I would go on to say, its good to have purpose which you die striving to achieve. But its no good at all to have no purpose in your life. #HaveAPurpose , #MakeYourMark.

I don’t mean to harm anyone’s feelings. But have used this sarcastic toning on #Purpose.

Things Changed Overnight #BeautifulLife

Yesterday’s morning was so lazy and gloomy. I almost went to bed last night hoping for the similar morning. But, it seems, life sees to it that our hopes aren’t easily fulfilled. It was quite a brightly lit, cheerful morning today. The kind of morning that made me think that yesterday’s gloomy morning was a fake. Life can surprise us at every step. We just need to be able to embrace changes with Grace. Some changes might seem sad (like yesterday’s gloomy morning) but the beauty of the cheerful morning can’t be observed without them. It’s so similar to our lives. The #Happiness can’t be enjoyed if one hasn’t seen sadness.

Not just the morning atmosphere, #PeopleChange so quickly too. Many of the times we think that some people behaved weirdly with us. Sometimes we find someone’s behaviour so nice towards us. Sometimes people so friendly and nice with us change their demeanour toward us overnight. 

Today, my mind set thinking about what I have observed around changing human relationships. I have always observed words. Words are my weapon; I pay close attention towards words used in the conversation. The change of words signals change of behaviour towards you. 

I have married a girl I love. I went against the expectations of my parents and married her. In the single night when I told them about my marriage, my life changed forever overnight. Earlier I was supposed as the best son that they had, it took a reverse. I was believed to be the most intelligent person, now I became a foolish guy for them. #WeHuman are very bad at expecting things. We wish for things to be as per our expectations. But things change so soon. We should be prepared for accepting the change. Because that’s how we will be at Peace with life.

If you have gone through similar experiences share them in comments. Your experience can be an eye opener for many of our readers.

Always Have Options Open #Happiness

Today I skipped the morning walk. I felt bad for that. But, a coin have two sides.

Some days are lazy. Some days simply make us tired. Some days have simply gloomy attire on them. The black cloudy morning with mild drizzle can be one of them. You don’t feel like getting out of bed. That too, getting out out of bed at 5 am !!.Thus, I decided have a lazy day today. I woke up at 9.

The first thing I felt when I got out of bed was that of hurry. I was going to be awfully late for my office. I blamed myself for taking this lame decision of having a lazy day. Sadly enough, The more I hurried, the more late I got. 

I remembered a very important lesson today. It was to #LoveMyself and #BehaveKindly with myself. Taking a break from everyday routine did not bring a calamity. The world did not end there. But it is always important to behave nicely with yourself.

I went to the office. Did some rigourous work. Made some mistakes like every other day. Got some strict instructions from my boss like every other day. When we had a hefty dinner, I felt I should #GoForAWalk. It felt better. It was a break from everyday routine of going to bed after dinner. I should have thought about this in the morning. We can always go for a walk in the night also. It’s just that morning walk has got its own benefits.  Having a routine is advisable. But having an alternate plan helps.

How To Get Business Ideas #MorningWalkMethod

Business is not profit, business is not innovation and technology either, its about people. If you have something that affects the lives of people positively. That’s a business idea. 

I have seen people complaining that its not easy to find Sustainable Business Ideas. Quite honestly, I have faced this question myself. But as it appears to me now, its not difficult at all. 
A few years back, I took a look at Forbes list of Top 30 companies. The list included names like Apple, Microsoft, Volkswagen, IBM. IT certainly had an array of companies. And I was surprised at how I analysed the findings. Here a the findings. 

#McDonalds was ranked 9th. If you look at its business model, in simple words, it sells Burgers.

#Coca-Cola was ranked 13th . It’s business is that of selling soft drinks.

Thus, I concluded that the essence of a Sustainable business idea is it dependent on how it connects with people. Many a Times McDonalds has beat the biggies like Microsoft. Why, because it serves people directly. No business idea is small. You can sell burgers and become millionaire or you can sell trucks and cars and may find it tough to sustain. 

Today, I noticed that many a small vendors have opened small makeshift stalls near the jogging park. They sell the healthy fruit juices, health magazines, newspapers. The thing came to my notice today that these people have effectively found out the needs of people. That’s an issential component of a sustainable business idea.

You might be still thinking what I have told. Let me help you further. Let’s take an example that you are looking for a business idea in the field of Manufacturing products related to FMCG. The good way to find out will be, going to the local park, observing what style and material people prefer these days. Or take a stroll to the nearby supermarket where products similar to your conception are sold. Observe the reception different products are getting.

If you are planning for the business in Electronics segment, textiles segment, footwear segment or many other segments you will find an array of products in the jogging park.

I humbly accept that it was only a small contribution to your search for a business idea. However, I strongly believe that no idea is a super hit, no idea is a super flop. Ideas are only to get you started. You can improvise a lot on the basic idea. You can think about a different approach for the same idea. And #MorningWalkMethod surely helps because of one simple reason, we are more attentive and imaginative in the mornings. We think without minimal distractions in the mornings. And more importantly we think positive in the mornings. 

 If you have come accross other #HowToFindBusinessIdea method. Please share your experience. It might be useful for Many of our visitors.

I wish you good luck.

A Happy Couple #SecretOfHappyMarriage

The secret of happy marriage is sharing time with each other. I found this secret when i observed the happy couple on morning walk. That set me thinking about it. Read to explore and share ideas.

A morning walk is a collage of different emotions. I get to walk a lot of happy faces every morning. When I come back from the walk, I come with the impression of these faces on my mind. I have always felt lucky that I live at the location where people of every religion, every status live in harmony. These days the month of Ramadan is progressing. I saw the happy faces of 2 of fellow Muslim morning walkers. It felt like they had washed themselves in the holy waters of peace. They appeared like the symbol of peace in their white kurtas. 

At one point I felt sad that such a beautiful religion, preaching of love And peace is wrongly catalogued these days. 

Today is Saturday, for me, this is a lazy morning. My body and mind are craving for Sunday. They get the rest on Sunday. It had rained yesterday and i couldn’t jog as the track had become muddy. 

I came back from walk with the impression of a Happy couple on my mind. This couple had come for The walk. It was an ordinary couple. They were both in there mid thirties. The extranordinary thing I got to witness was, they were really in love with each other. They seemed to enjoy each others company. For them the world did not exist. It seemed that they had found love recently. But looking at how comfortable they were, I thought they were married for quite some time now. There love and happiness set me thinking for the secret they shared. I found the secret of happy married life today. At least, I think I have.

The secret of happy married life, or the happy life for that matter, lies in sharing. The couple was happy because they shared the most important thing in the world- TIME. They took time to be with each other. They took steps towards happiness. They knew what’s it that both of them enjoyed. And they took time to enjoy it together.

Many of us want to know, where the secret of happy life lies. They search for it in the books and movies. They also seek professional help to improve their marriage. But the secret is simple. All you need to do is to spend time with each other. Find out what’s it that both of you enjoy. It might not be the morning walk. But, I sincerely believe and have observed that all of us have the set of likings and dislikings. Among the married couples there are atleast a couple of common things that both of them enjoy. It might be food, the sex, the meditation, the religious activities, the music, the literature etc. But there are things that both the husband and wife like. For happy married life, I believe, its important that we find time to spend time with each other doing things both the partners enjoy.

This will establish and strengthen the special bond of love between husband and wife. This will make the couple crave for each others company when they aren’t near. This will make them fall in love with each other again and again. And most importantly, this will form memories they will cherish their lifetime. 

Please write back your suggestions and experiences in the comments. I would like to listen to your insights. 

The Girl in Dustbin #LifeIsGood

Learn to be happy from everyday life observations.

I go for morning walk almost on daily basis. Morning walks have been an important part of my routine for years. I wake up with a confused mind. And then I decide to change how I feel. I wish to feel happier. I wish to feel different. In wish to go out and get a speed in my life. If I did not run, I will stop, I know that. And I should run if I can and not scrawl on my fours.

 Only sometimes I really get tired and avoid getting from the bed. The sweet morning sleep is certainly a bliss. It has started raining now. And now I find all the more reasons to not wake up in the morning. I really don’t like the clumsy surroundings. 

 I did not enjoy today’s walk so much. Though the atmosphere was pleasant. Greenery is slowly spreading her legs around. The roadsides that looked pale and sad a week ago has got greenish hue on it. As the monsoon will progress the atmosphere will become greener and happier. 

It is custom in Indian cities to throw the garbage on roadside. The municipal corporations do keep the large metallic dustbins on roadsides. But not many civilians like to take pains to walk to the dustbin. The fact that dustbins smell a lot add to this lazy behaviour. I have made it a routine to throw my garbage in right way. Every morning.

Today while coming back from walk, I noticed that a girl was inside the dustbin. She was a young girl might be in the age of 18 to 20. The girl of fair complexion. She was sorting the garbage from dustbin into biodegradable and not biodegradable. I looked at her and felt that she will look like a really beautiful girl if she cleans up and wears a nice dress. Only thing was, she was born into a family where she had to do this stuff. Not that it is bad.

Sometimes we get depressed with our lives. Sometimes life seems fo unfair and unjust to us. But, it really isn’t so. When I looked at that girl in dustbin sadly enough I felt good for myself. Sometimes someone’s loss is our gain. This time her loss of luck gave me an insight that I need to feel better for myself. We all should feel better for ourselves. Life is beautiful.