Why do you need this book? How this book can help you? How to use this book?


Let me tell you how this book came into existence. This book is a result of three years of extensive observations. The happy thing is, there are no sermons in this book. What it contains is simple observations from daily life, experience and observations to which you can easily relate.

You need this book to take a closer look at your life. The book contains the thoughts and observations across different spheres of your life. I am sure you are going to find answers to many of your thoughts in the pages that follow.

My humble suggestion to you: Kindly don’t treat this book like a regular book. Don’t finish this book in single reading. Read an article a day. It will not take more that 20 minutes of your time. Ones done reading, think about it. Think about the observations from your life. Discuss them with your colleagues, friends, life partner and family members.

I am very excited to get started. Can’t wait actually. Let’s begin from the first article that changed my perspective about life altogether.

​My Experiences with ‘Manache Shlok’.

I was a kid when I read the first Shlok from Manache Shlok. During those childhood days, our teachers made us by heart every single poem or verse that came our way. Thus, I by hearted around 5 to six of those beautiful shlokas in my childhood. 

By the stroke of luck, all the shlokas which I by hearted reflected religious meaning. I used to be averse of religion since early childhood. That was the reason, I  never read Manache Shlok very seriously. It was by some great fortune that I started reading these life changing shlokas during my graduation. When I started understanding one shloka per day, I started getting deeper insights. 
1. Manache Shlok is not a religious book. It’s purely a psychological book. The only reason God is mentioned in Manache Shlok is, people tend to give more attention towards something when it is related to God.

2. Manache Shlok, written in 17th century explains psychology in much details than many of The books and thesis on modern psychology. 

3. Manache Shlok focuses on making one a complete person. It takes one through different aspects of life including but not limited to God, religion, happiness, philosophy, management.

4. It’s unwise to read complete Manache Shlok in one shot. To understand its essence, you need to read it verse by verse.

5. It will help you understand how people think and help you become better person.

6. It will teach you how to deal with different phases like depression, loss, empathy etc.

7. It teaches you how you can become great. The practices suggested in Manache Shlok boost your confidence and self esteem.

8. You will find the solution to different problems you face in your day to day life. Your perspective towards world will be renewed after reading this marvellous book.
Hope you read Manache Shlok. Let me know your views and opinions by commenting. 

​Investment As A Long Term Business. 

Can you become a successful investor? Can it be your full time career? Let’s take a look at it

Future planning is an important ingredient for successful life. The more detailed the future planning is, the more easier your path towards success gets. For past few months, I have made it a habit to do the future planning and tracking my progress on regular basis. It has helped me a lot in my journey of life. 
The toughest thing about future planning is writing it on paper. It’s quite too easy to talk. However, when we begin to write the same, we face numerous hurdles. Yes, we struggle in the beginning. Gladly, the process gets easier every subsequent times.


Yesterday night, we (my wife and me) sat down to analyse our progress and to make some changes in the plans. Our main objective was to find out how we can gain accelerated growth over next couple of years. Currently we are invested into equity shares and we are garnering excellent returns. However, we wanted to find out opportunities which can give us better returns than equity shares and is risk marginal low risk.

During our search we reached to different options. Let me share them with you.

A) Starting our own brand of clothing and selling the goods so produced online as well as offline. This process can pay really well. Especially when you target a particular segment and produce your clothing in line with some broad objective. In our case we had the objective of coming ahead with Indian ladies kutis which won’t lose their colours so easily.

B) starting a hotel or delivery based food business. This business requires medium investment. However, there are quite too many factors that decide the success. You should have good offerings in menu at reasonable prices; you need to take care of hygiene at utmost level; the locality of restaurant should be good etc. 

C) starting a tour’s and travels business. This business needs medium level of investment along with experience. This sector is very competitive and full of risk.
Thus, we took different options and found that we didn’t like any of them. Thus we decided that for time being we won’t venture into any different business. We can keep up with investing in domestic equity, bonds, debuntures. 
What are the challenges underlying this option? 

A) its a sector riddled with risks. The share market is a risky place. It is dependent on quite a lot of factors like geopolitical issues, weather, different reports and all.

B) uncertainty of returns – no one can predict the returns of share market.

C) one wrong advice can ruin you. You need to study on your own.
In spite of all this. We decided to take investing as our long term business. Here’s what we thought about it.

1) we will not invest to get reach overnight. Instead our focus and target will be sustainable wealth creation. Shares market is a good place to accumulate wealth over long time.

2) we will not venture into small cap shares. These shares are high on returns and risk. We will avoid them. Instead we will trade in mid caps and large caps.

3) we will not be greedy. We are satisfied with 5 to 10% growth. 

4) we will not follow any advisory. The reason, no one knows the share market.

5) shares market isn’t gambling. So, we will not gamble on shares. Instead we will study each scrip carefully before making even the smallest purchase. 
We will follow these guiding principles every single time. 

We will keep you posted about our progress. 
Do share your views and opinions in comments. Waiting to hear from you.

How to be happy at work?

Being happy is the process. It’s all about managing stressful situations in right way.

For past few days, my work schedule is marred by the little conflicts going on at my office. In India, we call such tussle as Office Politics. What office- politics really means is one employee does back biting about other. The real tussle starts when other person finds out about this back biting.

The company where I am currently employed is a very small place. We have the total staff of 6 people only. In spite of this seemingly small employee strength, we face a lot of office politics. This impacted our professional lives to such an extent that one of our senior executives wanted to leave the organization. 

Being an office member, I knew about every inside story of this office politics. In fact, certain things involved me as a witness. And, to tell you the truth, its very troublesome. Because, there’s a chance that you will make some enemies even after doing the right thing. I, however, chose the right thing.

This whole incident, which involved a male and a female employee involved in oral spat, dragged on for a complete period of one week. Today, when it finally closed, I found some points worth sharing with everyone. 

1. The female employee had reacted to the words which the male employee hadn’t meant for her. Her disbelief on herself had dilluded her to think that the male employee talks about her all the time.

2. The person who communicated with both these employees had played real politics too. The third person made sure that the fire of anger stayed kindled between two of them.

3. The issues at stake were insignificant. It had arisen out of attitude problems. Had both the employees sat down and discussed, it might have been solved under 15 minutes.

4. It’s good to know that someone played foul with you. However, its not important to go to war at every small instance. The female employee had done this mistake.


Becoming a Better Person From Today #FatherForgets

Quite a number of times we behave cross with our loved ones. I think, we take them granted. We hope and think that we are always right and thus behave rudely with them. However, in spite of all this, our loved ones reciprocate love and affection on us.
Today, I read an article titled Father Forgets. This article opened my eyes. I learnt the bitter truth that I had not been so good a husband. Today, I resolve to be a different person. A loving person, a more understanding and considerate person.

It’s close to 6 a.m. I am awake from 5 a.m.. This is the new habit I am trying to inculcate in myself. It has been four days since I have began. I must say, I am pleased with my response to this new regime.

When we wake up earlier than rest of the world, there’s a greater chance that we will workout more than them. I found out that by waking up at 5 a.m., I am living 2 hours more than most people around. Happily enough, the morning hours are so cheerful. I can do a lot of things in couple of hours. I could become what I what. I could pursue my hobbies and interests and thus develop myself as a man. I could make myself stronger than yesterday.

The best way to make myself stronger than yesterday is through continuously improving my physical fitness, my ideas and my mental ability. I am taking up different tasks that take care of above mentioned areas. I am reading for half an hour so that I get the new knowledge. This knowledge will bring me in sync with the world. I am going for a morning walks, this helps me with physical fitness. I am writing the articles, as I am doing now. This gives me the stronger mental ability and improves my emotional quotient.

Today morning I read the short article titled, ‘Father Forgets’. It’s an immensely beautiful piece of literature. I happen learn the way to forgive and forget. I also learnt how to understand the feelings of your loved ones. And more importantly, I learnt the lesson in human relations. Now I can tell you, how you can improve your human relations too.

In Father Forgtes, the father resents and apologizes to his little boy for being harsh on him. He does this when he is asleep. The father recounts the episodes that happened throughout the day. He finds that he had been sullen with him for doing mistakes typical of little children. The father feels sorry for his own mistakes. He says that he expected so much out of his child. He agrees that he was wrong, because the child can’t behave like a man with dozens of years of experience. When the article concludes, father resolved to be a better person from next day.

This piece of art opened my eyes towards many mistakes I have recently committed. In my case these mistakes were against my wife. Now, don’t be hasty. Women never really grow-up. Theres always a kid in them.

I have been expecting quite a lot out of her these days. So much so that I have condemned and criticized and had been angry with her on several occasions. I called her lazy quite a number of times and hurt her morale. Here onwards, I am making it a point to be a loving and considerate husband. Now, I understand that she, actually is, a little girl inside her heart. I will let her live in her dreamy world. She will be happy this way. And I will be happier.

My Secret Of Selecting The Winning Stock #TheBasicsOfInvesting

Do you want to earn money out of share market? Do you wish to learn the tedious art of share picking? I am sharing my secrets in the series of articles. Stay tuned.

I have been investing in the Indian equity share market for quite some time now. Being very humble and honest I agree to making reasonable profits out of the market. Yes, sometimes the unforeseen events occured and dragged my portfolio worth considerably. However, 8 times out of ten, I have had a fortune of putting hands on winning stocks. 

Many of my friends and colleagues are lured into the market because of my positive experience. They often ask me my secret. Again I humbly propose that I am not a stock expert or the excellent share picker.

My secret of picking winning stocks is picking the winner leader. I believe in the saying  (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा) yatha raja tatha praja. Put in simple words it means the population behaves like their king.

So my secret of picking the right shares is simple enough. However it raises another big question, how to and where to find the company lead by good leader? We will discuss it tommorro. 

What Are the Different Lucrative Investment Options? #ShareYourViews

I am learning the art and science of portfolio management. I need your help here with your experiences. I am a very novice here.

Two years ago I was working in the field of Life Insurance. Though the stint was very small, it taught me the importance of savings for future. I feel lucky to have undergone a rigourous training that included comparisons of investing in Insurance policies versus other options. It was the first time in my life when I thought seriously about the various things like shares, debuntures, futures and options, bonds, forex trading, mutual funds etc.

It was during the training session that I understood for sure that keeping more than 20% of my money was a waste of money. I also learnt that if I saved as little as 2000 bucks every month, by the time I turned 50 I will be a multimillionaire. 

According to me, the most important factor while investing is the diversification of the portfolio. I learnt it the hard way that diversifying meant investing in different options depending on your risk appetite. It did not mean buying different shares. 

Let’s See what are the Different options I have in my portfolio :

1) The bank savings – since my age is below 30 I have maintained as small as 10% amount in bank accounts. 

2) shares- as much as 70 percent of my portfolio amount is in shares.

3) forex- I am planning to diversify my portfolio by reducing the amount in equity shares to 50% and including forex in my portfolio. 

The reason for sharing this personal info was to share my views on investing and savings. However, I need to hear your experiences on the subject. Because, I am practically a beginner in this area.