Becoming a Better Person From Today #FatherForgets

Quite a number of times we behave cross with our loved ones. I think, we take them granted. We hope and think that we are always right and thus behave rudely with them. However, in spite of all this, our loved ones reciprocate love and affection on us.
Today, I read an article titled Father Forgets. This article opened my eyes. I learnt the bitter truth that I had not been so good a husband. Today, I resolve to be a different person. A loving person, a more understanding and considerate person.


It’s close to 6 a.m. I am awake from 5 a.m.. This is the new habit I am trying to inculcate in myself. It has been four days since I have began. I must say, I am pleased with my response to this new regime.

When we wake up earlier than rest of the world, there’s a greater chance that we will workout more than them. I found out that by waking up at 5 a.m., I am living 2 hours more than most people around. Happily enough, the morning hours are so cheerful. I can do a lot of things in couple of hours. I could become what I what. I could pursue my hobbies and interests and thus develop myself as a man. I could make myself stronger than yesterday.

The best way to make myself stronger than yesterday is through continuously improving my physical fitness, my ideas and my mental ability. I am taking up different tasks that take care of above mentioned areas. I am reading for half an hour so that I get the new knowledge. This knowledge will bring me in sync with the world. I am going for a morning walks, this helps me with physical fitness. I am writing the articles, as I am doing now. This gives me the stronger mental ability and improves my emotional quotient.

Today morning I read the short article titled, ‘Father Forgets’. It’s an immensely beautiful piece of literature. I happen learn the way to forgive and forget. I also learnt how to understand the feelings of your loved ones. And more importantly, I learnt the lesson in human relations. Now I can tell you, how you can improve your human relations too.

In Father Forgtes, the father resents and apologizes to his little boy for being harsh on him. He does this when he is asleep. The father recounts the episodes that happened throughout the day. He finds that he had been sullen with him for doing mistakes typical of little children. The father feels sorry for his own mistakes. He says that he expected so much out of his child. He agrees that he was wrong, because the child can’t behave like a man with dozens of years of experience. When the article concludes, father resolved to be a better person from next day.

This piece of art opened my eyes towards many mistakes I have recently committed. In my case these mistakes were against my wife. Now, don’t be hasty. Women never really grow-up. Theres always a kid in them.

I have been expecting quite a lot out of her these days. So much so that I have condemned and criticized and had been angry with her on several occasions. I called her lazy quite a number of times and hurt her morale. Here onwards, I am making it a point to be a loving and considerate husband. Now, I understand that she, actually is, a little girl inside her heart. I will let her live in her dreamy world. She will be happy this way. And I will be happier.

My Secret Of Selecting The Winning Stock #TheBasicsOfInvesting

Do you want to earn money out of share market? Do you wish to learn the tedious art of share picking? I am sharing my secrets in the series of articles. Stay tuned.

I have been investing in the Indian equity share market for quite some time now. Being very humble and honest I agree to making reasonable profits out of the market. Yes, sometimes the unforeseen events occured and dragged my portfolio worth considerably. However, 8 times out of ten, I have had a fortune of putting hands on winning stocks. 

Many of my friends and colleagues are lured into the market because of my positive experience. They often ask me my secret. Again I humbly propose that I am not a stock expert or the excellent share picker.

My secret of picking winning stocks is picking the winner leader. I believe in the saying  (यथा राजा तथा प्रजा) yatha raja tatha praja. Put in simple words it means the population behaves like their king.

So my secret of picking the right shares is simple enough. However it raises another big question, how to and where to find the company lead by good leader? We will discuss it tommorro. 

What Are the Different Lucrative Investment Options? #ShareYourViews

I am learning the art and science of portfolio management. I need your help here with your experiences. I am a very novice here.

Two years ago I was working in the field of Life Insurance. Though the stint was very small, it taught me the importance of savings for future. I feel lucky to have undergone a rigourous training that included comparisons of investing in Insurance policies versus other options. It was the first time in my life when I thought seriously about the various things like shares, debuntures, futures and options, bonds, forex trading, mutual funds etc.

It was during the training session that I understood for sure that keeping more than 20% of my money was a waste of money. I also learnt that if I saved as little as 2000 bucks every month, by the time I turned 50 I will be a multimillionaire. 

According to me, the most important factor while investing is the diversification of the portfolio. I learnt it the hard way that diversifying meant investing in different options depending on your risk appetite. It did not mean buying different shares. 

Let’s See what are the Different options I have in my portfolio :

1) The bank savings – since my age is below 30 I have maintained as small as 10% amount in bank accounts. 

2) shares- as much as 70 percent of my portfolio amount is in shares.

3) forex- I am planning to diversify my portfolio by reducing the amount in equity shares to 50% and including forex in my portfolio. 

The reason for sharing this personal info was to share my views on investing and savings. However, I need to hear your experiences on the subject. Because, I am practically a beginner in this area.

The Unique Sales Meeting #BeingTheListener

As a sales person I used to do most of the talking in my sales meetings. That’s a regular way in which sales meetings are done in. Last week I learned a new method of making these meetings more fun, fullfiling and productive. I have tentatively named this method as ‘the method of listening.’

I am reading one of the world’s highest rated books of all time. This book rightly has got the potential to stir your life upside down. The book doesn’t just preach you. Rather it shows you the path by examples. By all means this is one of the best books I have come accross in my life. I am talking about ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.’

I am reading a chapter each on daily basis. As the book unfolded I learnt the technique of effective discussion with people. The examples given in the book boosted my confidence to implement the techniques in my daily life. It gave me an altogether new approach of interacting with people.

Let’s sum up the teachings of book in one paragraph. Everyone of us wants to become good at speaking with people. Those among us who are too good at it, they want to polish the art further. 

As I interpreted the book, the secret to successful discussion is speaking what the listener wants. No matter how hard we try, we can’t ever push our way. While Most of us believe that speaking a lot will make them good, the opposite is true. The secret to effective interactions lies in our listening skills. By listening skills, writer doesn’t mean listening like a dumb person. Listening is the art of asking right questions. 

Let me recount how I implemented the teachings on one of my sales calls. I am a sales person. I meet with people to speak about the different educational programs I have got to offer. Usually I did most of the talking on my sales meetings. The fact was simple, I thought the students did not know more than what I knew. 

In yesterday’s meeting I decided to try the new way. I asked the student what he knew about the program. I wasn’t surprised to find that he had done his homework. He knew quite a lot. Then I asked him, what he thought about how the program would be beneficial for him. To my surprise the student convinced himself that he wanted admission in the educational program. I did not have to do any convincing. He convinced himself. In my entire career, that was the easiest sales meeting I ever had. It was also the most fullfiling meeting. Because by respecting the point of view of the student I won his friendship. That’s an incredible output. 

I believe you could apply the concept of listening in your daily lives too. Do share your views. I like to listen them.

A Letter Of Gratitude to YOU #ThankYou

You have given me the most valuable thing on earth. You have given me the confidence to lead my life better. I know, I have been a bit late to realize this. But better late than never. I want to thank you today for being my reader. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My dear Reader,

Thank you for giving me the most valuable asset on the earth. Your valuable time. By giving time to read my articles you gave me a chance to become an integral part of your life. I am thankful to you for that. Not a day passes without me being thankful to you. You have given a meaning to my life. Your presence has added a value to my life. I am so grateful to you for finding me worthy of your time.
I have been writing a small pieces of articles and poetry since the tender age of 14. In the beginning I never showed my articles to anyone. They were just limited to me. The reason being, fear of non acceptance. I started writing blogs in 2013. But whenever someone asked me about my identity I told that I was working in the field of marketing. The truth was I wanted to tell them that I was a writer. The truth was I wanted to become a writer. However, I never had the confidence. It’s only recently that I started telling confidently that I am a writer. It’s only because of you.

When I wrote earlier, I did know who liked to read them. However, I got the mails of appreciation from many of you. The appreciation made me feel like I have achieved a lot. I felt worthy of calling myself a writer. Thank you for appreciating my work.

As you might have seen, I write about my experiences of self improvement. I write about my observations from daily life. It’s such a simple thought that I never thought that I will receive so many likes and appreciation. It turned out that I was wrong. Thank you for giving me the belief that ideas, no matter how small, have potential. 

The Most Interesting Topic Of Discussion #EffectiveCommunication

Taking with people is a topic dreaded by many. Not because we feel scared but because we seem to run out of ideas to discuss. Interestingly many of us do not know the most important topic of discussion in the world.

I am working in the field of sales and marketing for a long time. Over the period of time I have been fortunate to interact with thousands of people; train hundreds of professionals and do business deals with dozens of them. However, it is very recently that I started working on how to speak effectively. As I often tell, whatever we tend to think about passionately, we attract them. 

Yesterday, I had been lucky to witness the live example of the person with great skills. As I explain you the whole thing, the topic will unfold itself.

Yesterday I got a call from an unknown girl. It was a marketing call. She invited me to the small presentation saying that it was only for married couple like me. She assured that I will thoroughly enjoy the thing. Whenever I have availability of time, I am always ready to learn something new. So I agreed. However, I already had an idea that it was going to be a sales presentation.

We filled the introductory form with details about us, our income, where we travel, do we have a car, what’s our holiday budget etc. From which it became clear that it was a company selling holiday packages. A sales representative was assigned for us to explain the things. That sales representative, whose name was Anant, is the hero of this article.

Anant had a faint smile on his face. Its the best greeting i received from someone in last fortnight. What I thought was, he was trained and groomed so well. However, no matter how much a person is groomed, he can’t outperform the natural ones. It seemed that he genuinely liked what he was doing. That’s a great quality in itself.

I was priorly informed that the presentation will last for an hour. I was braced for that. And I had an idea in mind that I was going to leave the presentation if it got boring. I knew I wasn’t going to need their product.

Anant started speaking about the most interesting topic on earth with us. It was the topic everyone of us, irrespective of the place, age, gendre, nationalist, religion will find most interesting. He gave the 30 minutes of his time to speak on that topic. The topic was- US.

First he introduced himself and then asked us whether we were comfortably seated. He asked whether we needed the water or the drinks. He took time to built the relation rather than jumping onto the topic of money and sales.

He started by asking us how we travelled. From then he asked us the questions in backward direction in time. As to from where we came, where we lived, how was our routine today, did our parents live with us, how long we were married etc. He exhibited the quality that makes someone your friend. Asking right questions and listening to the person with utmost interest and sincerity. That never misses to win your hearts.

Recently I came across the best-selling books like ‘how to influence people and make friends by Dale Carnegie’ and ‘Skill with people by Les Giblin’. Both these books teach us the most important and highly effective lessons in personal growth. I was deeply influenced by the clarity in these books. These books give us following important lessons-

  • Never argue with anyone. Because an argument doesn’t  make friends. Agreeing to disagree does.
  • Listen to the person and take interest in their lives. Listening to the person gives him the feeling of importance.  
  • Agree when you are mistaken. If you are wrong agree to it with open heart. Conflicts will not erupt.
  • Sympathize with people- people like you better when you take efforts to understand their point of view.
  • Talk with them about themselves – everyone of us has got something to boast about, lament about. Everyone is constantly searching for the confidante.

Talking with people is no rocket science. You just need to be genuinely interested in them. Because everyone has got their own story and everyone likes to tell it. What’s your story?

Life As I See It #HowLifeWorks?

I read a life changing book ‘How Life Works by Andrew Matthews.’ The author has explained how life works. According to his findings, life tends to give us what we ask for. He says whatever we feel for we attract it. The book set me thinking about life as a whole. And I drifted back into my life to find the truth about #HowLifeWorks? Read on to discover the secret.

I used to conceive life as a mysterious thing. As I grew up, I used to observe more and more. Here are some of the observations from my life:

  • My parents raised the orphan child from our relatives. The good thing about this episode was, I was exactly the age of the boy whom we had gotten as a new family member. I was more than happy to have one more playmate. For my parents, it was another responsibility. The already had 3 kids. Raising a kid is no child’s play. It takes a lot of patience, time, resources and off course, money. I often observed that they did not treat him as they treated us. Ones I heard them speak, “these type of orphan kids are never loyal. I am sure one day when he grows up, he will not respect us at all. He will just forget that we raised him.”

What they spoke, came true. 20 years later that same kid, who has grown up now, said, “I felt like a prison in there.  I hated every moment of my childhood.”

What my parents used to discuss came true after 20 years. 

  • Love marriages are considered taboo in my village. Whenever someone from the village did love marriage, my mother used to tell to us brothers , “you guys never do the love marriage. It’s scandalous. And if you guys did anything like that, I will hang myself.”. She repeated this lesson much often. 

Sad as it may seem. Two of us brothers have done the love marriage. What she feared came true.

  • While I studied in engineering college, I had least of money in my bank account. However, I never cared. I lived like there was a lot of surplus money with me.

On more than a dozen occasions, my account was credited by my father even when I had not informed him to do so. I always had a lot to spend that way. What I liked to feel, happened in 99% of cases.

  • while I was in the final year of engineering, I was not sure about what I would do after completion of college. Whenever someone asked me what I was going to do next, I would say ,”I am not sure about what I will do. But I am pretty sure that I will not write competitive exams for higher education and government jobs.”

Guess what happened. The first thing I did after completing my degree was to join a study centre for preparation of competitive exams. 

What I had often spoken about not doing, I did it.

  • While I courted Bhagyashri, who is now my lovely wife, she often said, “when time comes I will leave you. We aren’t going to be married. So don’t you be broken hearted.”

You are right in your disposition, we did love marriage when the time came for her to leave me.

  • I am a lofty liar. I lie about a lots of things. Sometimes I inform people about things of which I had no knowledge. Then surprisingly I come across the articles and videos are sent to me by unrelated friends on the same topics.

What I lie about so often I start believing. And what I believe in often comes true.

  • last week while I was driving the two wheeler, I saw a dog on the roadside.  I thought to myself, “today I do not want a dog to chase me.” 1 minute later, I was chased by the dog across street and I survived it.

What I had dread about came true.

That’s how life works. In my simple understanding, we are like a Television sets. We have antennas to send and receive signals. Technically speaking, Antennas receive only those signals to which they are tuned. And can send the signals at which frequency  they are oscillating. 

Considering ourselves to be antennas, we give out the signals of what we are thinking and feeling. That’s the reason we receive the signals that are the responses to our thoughts and feelings.

  • Had my parents thought only about giving love and raising the child properly, their actions would have been that of love And caring. Kids feel the emotions more strongly compared to elders. He felt there emotions and later came to despice them. They brought upon the situation by spreading what they expected from the kid. That’s how life works. We get what we ask for.
  • Had my mother informed us about what she wanted rather than focusing on what she did not want, I have a strong reason to believe that she would have got what she asked for. She made us think about love marriages and we attracted it. Now she feels that we cheated on her. But truth is she attracted the consequences. That’s how life works. We get what we do not wish for but tell so very often.
  • In my college days, had I managed on meagre expenses, I would have grown miser. My father would have thought that I would manage with whatever money I had. However, I used to spend a lot and he deposited money whenever he went to the bank. Life tends to keep us thinking what we like. If we think we are broke or we have surplus money, we are right either way.
  • While I was in college, had I focused on what I wanted to do with life, I would have focused on it. I would have collected resources and gained knowledge of the things I wanted. However I focused on what I did not want. That was the only answer to my future plan. And I got what I thought I did not want. That’s how life works. We get what we speak about regardless of whether we want it or don’t. We should focus and speak and think and feel about WHAT WE WANT.
  • Had my girlfriend often spoken that she will marry someone else, rather than saying she will not marry me. She would have done so. 
  • While driving the bike had I thought about pleasant experiences, I woukd not have been so afraid when an angry dog showed up. That’s how life works. Negative feelings bring upon negative experiences and positive feelings bring about positive experiences. Thus it’s up to us what we want from life. Life tends to give away what we feel for. That’s why philosophers teach us to feel positive.