The Two Types of People #DriversAndPassengers

I have a theory. There are only two types of people around us. I believe, ones you come to know this theory it will bring significant changes into your life.


In every period of human history, man has strived to understand man. Understanding human nature is a much needed quality. People spend their lives with someone, and still they express that they did not understand the person. So, when it comes to understanding the human behaviour, its as complicated a subject as the structure of a beehive might be. We want to understand it; some of us believe they understand it; some of us know and they humbly agree that they don’t understand it; and then their are some whom people believe to know human nature, but even they are as baffled as we all are.

If you belong to those who believe that understanding of human nature is a key to happiness, good health, wealth and success; I am proudly one of you. In my opinion, and observations, which is very small, everyone wants to understand human being. Many scientists and philosophers have expressed various views and opinions about the concept. Surprisingly, everyone of them is right. 

Today when we discuss my understanding of human nature, we all are going to join the grand legacy of legendary scientists and philosophers. 

I have come to observe that there are only two types of human beings. Since the beginning of the world there were only two kinds of people. And I have got reasons to believe that for time immemorial, there will always be two types of people. These two types are- Drivers & Passengers. In simple words, Rulers and Followers. 

A large section of us who believe that they are the victims of situations; who believe that they are unlucky; who believe that life is so unfair and they never got a chance; who believe that they are punished for their sins from last birth; who follow some beliefs, scriptures, societies and groups blindly and never ask a question; who believe that they are alive because of their leaders; who believe on the information supplied to them just blindly with unquestioning faith; who believe that their is no purpose to their lives; who believe that they are insignificant; who do not think twice to kill and be killed to protect their beliefs are the Passengers.

The small segment of humans who believe that they are the centre of the world; who lead people and create the range of followers; who are always living behind a legacy in one form or other; who do not speak much but whos actions are unmistakable; who abide to truth and don’t change their sides for gains; who believe in humanity and know that it starts from them; who do charity just easily and have no pride in that; I call them Drivers.

Now here’s the catch. Both these categories need each other. Let’s not get to the point that passengers are weak ones. Let’s not decide that drivers are famous personalities and stars. We all are mixture of these two qualities. However, we have inclination towards one of them. 

Now let’s see, how this helps. If you believe that you need a person to follow you. What you really need is a passenger. Since passengers are in majority its relatively easy to locate and find them. Drivers however, are fewer. Sometimes, passengers speak and act like drivers and we mistakenly take them for drivers. However, given time to observe them we will understand vividly.

Now, I will take you to the crust of the topic. This knowledge will help you understand what you can expect someone when subjected to tough situations. Passengers will run away and drivers will hold their post. This will help you because tough times will come for sure. And you should know who you can count on and who might be counting onto you. It all depends on who you are. 

This theory will help you choose people. Depending on the work that you have got you need to spot either the drivers or the passengers. And beware, never choose the ones who have confusing mixture of the qualities. Because these are the confused ones. 

This theory will equip you with the much needed skill of responding to the people. Both drivers and passengers seek different responses from you when they ask you something. While passengers prefer basic answers, drivers fall for flaunty artistic answers. While passengers answer themselves and won’t raise doubts, drivers can be demanding and adamant. While passengers are just lost in their own, drivers seem to look for opportunities to find your faults.

And now the most important of all. I have come to believe that what we are today is the average of the 5 people we spent our time with. Understand the people around you and the people you deal with. Decide who you want to be. If you want to be a driver and are living among passengers, its a high time you changed your friends. The opposite also applies.

I have put significant amount of thinking into this article. But I believe there might be a lot of wrongs in it. I would love to know your opinions and views on the same. Do share your views in comments.

Life Is Like a Train #TheMeaningfulAnalogy

Life Is very much like a train. As it happens in a train journey, the quality of journey depends on the compartment we travel in. Similarly, the quality of life is determined by which class we choose to live in. I believe, the decision as to which compartment you wish to travel in lies with the traveller. So does the

I have been really lucky to get in touch with a few influential people. What influenced me to the core was their ability to deal with situations; their way of interacting with people and their understanding about life. One thing was very much common among the influential people I got to be with. They were all sure about what they were going to do the next day. They were sure about what they wanted to do, to have and to achieve in long term as well.

In the seminar I attended a couple of days back, I was amazed by the understanding of life by the speaker. He understood one thing for sure, we do not have to understand the life. Because, we can’t. Nobody can’t. But yes, we surely can analyse it.

Let’s hear it in speakers own words. He said, “as I look at it, life is like a Train. I will tell you why I think so. Like a Train, all of us have our journeys fixed. All of us will begin (birth) at the same point and will reach to the same destination  (death). Like a moving train, all of us will gradually grow old. There is no way we can reverse it. Like stations that come on the rail journey, all of us will go through different stages of life. And now, here is the thing I would like everyone to focus upon. Because, according to me, this is the most important part of the train journey. It is sure that all of us will reach to the same destination, but the secret is, when we will reach the destination all of us will give different reactions. You know why? Because we will travel in different compartments. Those who travelled in general class, they will complain that they are tired in the journey. They did not get the place to sit. There was no hygiene. And they did not enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. However, those who travelled in first class, they will enjoy the journey. They enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning and privacy. They enjoy the views from the window.”

There is actually no difference in all of us but how we choose to lead our life. Decide in which class you would like to lead your life. 

A Man Working In Spite of Sickness #AnalyseNow

​I started for the office early morning and found that I had a flat tyre. I was not so pleased with the turn of the events. But then, what started out as a misfortune turned out to be a great learning experience for me. Not that I learnt something new, I reiterated the learnings which are engraved over time.

Meeting with a flat tyre is a situation many office goers dread of. I am certainly one of them. For me, the most frustrating thing about the whole situation is, I have to push my two wheeler all the way to the garage. 

The thing that adds more to the discomfort is, most of the garages do not open early morning. And, more often than not, one has to do the bike pushing exercise for longer than expected. 

After pushing bike for half a mile, I finally reached to the garage which was actually open. When I reached to the garage I was suddenly sad because the owner of the small repair garage was pulling down the shutter. It appeared that he was closing for the day. The first thought that appeared to me was, I probably should take a leave from office for the day. 

As a final reaort I requested him to do the repair work.

“I am closing the garage for two hours.” The lean looking garage owner said. His eyes were swollen and red. His voice was weak. He later informed me that he was 48 years old. “I have got a fever since last 2 days. Last night I had been tossing and turning in bed whole night. The cold had entered me like a ghost. I have to go early otherwise there will be a long queue in the government hospital.”

I really felt pity for him. But I requested him nevertheless. To my surprise he pulled the shutter open. And began working.

“So kind of you to do the work in spite of ill health.” I said. What he replied had a great meaning in it.

“I am not doing this for kindness sir. I am doing this for money. I have been struggling for every single penny my whole life. It’s a very small work I am doing in illness. You might be surprised to hear this. I have dug trenches for days in such health situations. I have lifted loads; I have worked in construction sites; I have worked on rail tracks.” 

For a moment I felt like I was tormenting him. I felt guilty. I did not speak much. I hate gloomy situations like this in which I seem to run out of words to speak.

When the garage owner was done with separating the tyre. His daughter returned. She wore a khaki school dress.

He was a proud father. He asked her what was taught in the tuitions that day. The little girl replied that she had some doubts.

“Sir, can you teach this small concept of my daughter.” The owner requested me very humbly. “I went to the school for only 3 days. In my childhood days, teachers punished with canes. I was so intimidated that I stopped going to school. Now I understand that it’s the reason I am in this situation.” He went on to explain how his contemporaries had been successful and happy.

I explained the concept to his daughter he spoke his heart out.

“I have done three mistakes in my life. First, I disregarded education. Now I  am very particular about my daughter’s education. Second, In my youth I worked a lot and earned good money, but I did not know how to save money for future. And now, I have to work for survival even when I am ill. Last year a person from insurance company explained to me that if I had saved only 10 Rupees every day since my youth, I would have been a millionaire now. But I never paid any attention to it. But I am changing now. I have started saving for my daughter’s education and future. I deposit 1000 Rupees each month. Third, only last year I started this shop, otherwise I was working on wages my whole life. It was only after the person from insurance company opened my eyes. I know its late but I am happy that I have atleast began.”

When he concluded, there was a faint shine in his eyes. 

The incident is self explanatory. Let me know your views on it.

How to Manage Finances For Month #LearnFromWife

I was facing difficulty with managing my finances. Maybe because, I was trying to do it on my own. I failed a couple of times and sought counsel from my wife. That turned out to be a good practice. It helped me manage not just money but added effectiveness, love and respect in my relationship as well. Read on to find the simple trick for effective finance planning.

I have been working in the field of marketing for last 3 years. When I calculated the amount I have received from various sources I was amazed at the number. I have earned 10 to 11 Lakh Rupees of salary. I took the personal loan of 2 lakh from a bank. I earned as much as 50 thousand rupees from my investments. Inspire of all this, my savings are close to zero. I have not built any assets. Nor I have invested in any shares or bonds keeping the larger picture in mind.

To learn the art of managing finances, I shuffled through some books, some books came my way, I watched some videos. Finally I found a book I can relate to. 

The secret of managing our finances lies in one simple thing- the willingness to do so. Many of us are not simply aware that we need to start saving. RIGHT NOW. Some of us have got good jobs, some of us are born with silver spoon in their mouth while some of us believe in living for the day. But, neglecting the much needed need of savings can be disastrous in long term.

Just think about this, how have you prepared for medical emergencies; have to taken care of the education of your children; how have you taken care of your retirement funds. If the answer to any of the above questions is negative you should start building your savings right away.

The technique I am going to discuss is the simple one. And is equally effective. 

Buy three piggy banks. Lable them as “SPEND / DONATE”, “EMERGENCY FUNDS”  ,”SAVINGS / INVEST”. As soon as you receive your paycheck you need to segregate it. 

It is advisable to put 10% of amount in savings box. By savings box, I imply putting the money in savings account or buy shares, bonds. Invest the money. Dont let it lie idle. Remember the science of inflation, the money kept unused reduces in value over the period of time.

One should put close to 15 – 20% of the salary or earnings into Emergency funds. You can use this amount in the times of needs. This money can be used to meet with medical situations, education of the children etc. 

The remaining amount is for you. You can pay your rent, EMI ,buy things etc with it. But, no matter what happens let your savings grow. Do not use the emergence funds casually. 

I have started planning my expenses and savings right on my salary day. I separate the amounts of day one itself. Thankfully my wife is a pro in this art. I may take savings casually but she doesn’t. She takes pen and paper and plans out the foreseen expenses. While she does so, she keeps separate funds for movies and entertainment. It’s always good to seek counsel from your wife. That way she feels the responsibility equally. She gets the respect she deserves. By including her in planning your finances you give her a place of equality. That’s a must have thing for a healthy relationship. 

 I suggest you do the same. It’s the effective way of building a good future for you and your loved ones.

Do write back your views. I would like to learn how you manage your savings. 

Having The Goalbook #TowardsSuccess

I am going to explain you the science of goals today. This is the science used by many great leaders, philanthropists, philosophers and scientists of modern times. Read till the end to uncover the secret of success you can use in your daily life.

For past 8 to 9 years I have maintained the daily journals. It has been a secret potion driving my life till now. 

A few years ago, one of my mutual friends called me with her problems. The biggest problem she was facing in those days was that of mental depression. Her engagement was broken twice. She was ditched by her boyfriend and had married other girl. Each time she was a victim of the situations. And now, she had reached a stage where she had turned suicidal. She had called me for counsel.

In that period of time I was not so aware about helping someone mentally. However, I had had great experience in dealing with crisis. In every crisis I had ever faced, I wrote a journal note about it. Writing down my problems always lead me to the answers. It was like my journal was a wisest person on earth. 

I told her to write down her worries and thoughts. Even now I do not know why she trusted my counsel. She started writing about her worries. When she wrote her journal she also wrote what she wanted rather than what had happened. And magically, her state of happiness improved. When she called me after a week I could see the magic caused.

Two important things happened after this incident. One, my mutual friend got married to a really nice guy after 3 months. Two, I became a staunch follower of the practice of diary writing. 

I have named my previous journals as ‘The Learning’  and ‘The Journey’. In accordance with the names, I have witnessed the results. I learnt a lot when I wrote ‘the learning’. I had been through a lot of situations while i wrote The Journey. 

Today, my The Journey was completed. I sat down and thought about what my next journal should be about. And I have reached to the decision that It will be titled, ‘The Goalbook’. I am pretty sure that the journal is going to lead me towards my goals. Because that’s the logical state.

I strongly believe that whatever I write about in my journal I tend to believe and achieve it. It’s time for me to upgrade myself to the next level where I lead a life towards good health, good wealth, good success and lots of love. My goals are going to be in the same direction, and I am going to achieve them through the science of journal writing.

In case you happen to have any doubts let me explain the science of journal writing. Journal writing is a secret science used by many a great men to achieve success. Abraham Lincoln wrote a journal; Mahatma Gandhi wrote a journal and so did many great leaders of modern times. Martin Luther king, Anne Frank, Hitler are some of the examples. These people used to write What they believe in. They used positive affirmations while writing about their beliefs. They wrote about what they wanted. They used the art of visualization to their benefit. 

When we write something the thing becomes pretty clear to our mind and is easy to understand. Ones something is easy to understand it becomes easy to believe. Ones we believe something with full heart, we are sure to achieve it.

Let’s Start using this secret science many great people used for their success. Do let me know your views on the same.

The Royal Road to Riches #HowToAttractMoney

Everyone wants to be rich. In fact, if I wrote down the names of people who want to be rich I would be on top of the list. However, not everyone of us is aware of how to attract money.

Yesterday I bought a book titled ‘How To Attract Money by Joseph Murphy’. I found the book positively motivating. The author has given all new angle to the concept of amassing wealth. The angle I am referring starts from thoughts. The thoughts thus changed are transformed into actions leading to wealth creation.

The good thing was, I have already been practicing some parts of the book in my daily life. And I have ripped excellent fruits. Let me share the brief overview of the learning with you. I believe the learning will be helpful to you in long term.

Author stresses on the mentality of being rich. Some people are groomed in such ways that they have come to hate wealth. Some people have been through the situations in which they have found money to be the root of all evils. These people walk around hating money. This keeps them poorer.

There is no virtue in being or staying poor. In fact one finds it difficult to attain peace, enjoy life through its instruments when he doesn’t have money. Thus, in many ways wealth makes our life easier. 

The law of Attraction works equally for Everyone of us. We are all bound by it. As it applies on living and non living things, so does it apply on the thoughts. The thoughts are made of energy. And could be considered and interpreted like physical things. Every thing in the world attracts everything else. So do thoughts.

The author stresses that the concept of law of Attraction is applicable on everything in the world. One can attract health, wealth, success, relationships, emotions and virtually anything that he craves for. It solely depends on how one attracts them.

One needs to think positively. Here let me clear the meaning of positive. 

Today morning, My wife informed my that there was some moisture on the kitchen floor. She said ,”take care. Don’t slip on the floor.” To her the sentence was positive. However, inadvertently she had spoken a negative sentence. When I bought the thing to her attention she said, “take care. Walk safely on the kitchen floor.” That’s a positive sentence.

We humans tend to think in terms of images. Thus when we are told that we should not slip on floor, we actually think of the images of slipping on the floor. And the same is transformed into actions. However,  we should think about what we want. If we want to be safe we should think about being safe. If we want wealth we should think about being wealthy. And when we think about having money we should think “I have a lot of flow of surplus money.” And should feel like that.

I believe, you have studied similar books before. However, I shared my thoughts one more time. We tend to forget about things. I want you to remember the concept of law of Attraction. 

Do share your thoughts and experiences in comments box.

What Is Meant By Individuality #Respect

My wife has found a new hobby. This time, however, my boss warned me that i should forbid her from pursuing her hobby. She said that it was potentially dangerous. So, I resolved the situation in my way.

Everyone of us has a corner in his heart which he has reserved for someone special. Everyone of us has got someone he cherishes to be with. Everyone of us has got someone he or she loves. In my case, I love my wife to that extent.

She is a one naughty girl who has left verbally everything for me. So dramatic and high spirited, she sometimes gives me a hard time. Sometimes it feels to me like i am living a filmy story. Sometimes it all just seem unrealistic. Happily enough, she exists in my life. And every morning when I open my eyes, I find her in my embrace. People often wish to have someone like that in their life. But I am the lucky one.

Recently she has developed a new hobby of snake catching. It was, actually, her long standing wish which has come true. And now, in no time, she has started posting the images of herself holding different snakes.

Honestly, I feel afraid. My logical mind knows that she caught the non poisonous snake. My find knows that they are clearly harmless. However, my other mind feels equally frightened with the idea of her getting hurt.

My boss at the office saw some of those images of my wife and screamed at me. “How do you tolerate this behaviour?” She asked. “It’s not proper at all. Why do you allow her to do these naughty things?”

Her question set me thinking. There were set of questions which I faced. I thought, do I really impose my wishes on her? Should I? The answer was, no. I am not capable of restricting her freedom.

If I let her do what she loves, will that affect my life? Yes, very positively. Because she will be happy; 

Am I allowed to impose restrictions on her? No, am not. That’s not what marriage means;

Has she taken advantage of the trust I put in her? No she hasn’t. She has just began.

I evaluated these things and found that, I shouldn’t interrupt in her hobbies. But yes, I should make it clear that hobbies should not lead to physical injuries or shouldn’t pose danger to life.

The same day, I had discussion with my wife. She was very happy because she had caught couple of snakes that day. I didn’t want to spoil her spirits. So, I just went ahead with asking, how she was progressing with the hobby. I was convinced that they used a lot of safety measures. And she had got a good deal of understanding about keeping herself safe. 

One hobby has significantly improved her moods. She is increasingly positive and happy nowadays.