How to manage your worries? 2 – step guide to improve your problem solving skills

Learn How to improve your problem solving skills. Learn to be more happy, productive, successful and independent. Learn how you can help others solve their problems.


Problem solving skills are among the most demanded skills when one appears for interviews for jobs. You certainly understand that if you have these skills, you can beat of a large section of competition. 

In our personal life, we come accross a lot of problems on daily basis. Sometimes it feels that the problems aren’t going to end till your last breath. That feels most of us with worry and agony. We spend a large amount of our time and energy in getting our those problems. Gladly, there are methods to solve these petty issues. Lets take a look at 2 step problem solving guide recommend by Dale Carnegie in his book “stop worrying and start living”.
1. Ask yourself- “what are you worried about ?”

You may find this step quite funny. Especially because, you were worried about the problem. However, try to write down this problem in the form of a statement. Try something like this ‘I am worried that I will not be able to create my Android app on time.’

Now, you might have different worries troubling you at the same time. Author suggests, you can write all of them on paper in the form of statements. 

When you will be through with this step you will find out that they are not so frenetic now. You will start thinking about the problem as it is. 
2. Ask yourself – “What can be done about it?”

Write down all the solutions that come to your mind. For example in my case-

A) I can put extra efforts everyday for one week and that can complete my project on time.

B) I can ask my colleague to collaborate 

C) I can take help from online app buildings  sites.

D) I can ask for one week extension.
When you make a list, you start finding that you can solve it. Your mindset shifts from thinking about problems to problem solving. Believe me, mindset is the key to problem solving.

Do let me known your thoughts on it.

Life Is Like a Train #TheMeaningfulAnalogy

Life Is very much like a train. As it happens in a train journey, the quality of journey depends on the compartment we travel in. Similarly, the quality of life is determined by which class we choose to live in. I believe, the decision as to which compartment you wish to travel in lies with the traveller. So does the

I have been really lucky to get in touch with a few influential people. What influenced me to the core was their ability to deal with situations; their way of interacting with people and their understanding about life. One thing was very much common among the influential people I got to be with. They were all sure about what they were going to do the next day. They were sure about what they wanted to do, to have and to achieve in long term as well.

In the seminar I attended a couple of days back, I was amazed by the understanding of life by the speaker. He understood one thing for sure, we do not have to understand the life. Because, we can’t. Nobody can’t. But yes, we surely can analyse it.

Let’s hear it in speakers own words. He said, “as I look at it, life is like a Train. I will tell you why I think so. Like a Train, all of us have our journeys fixed. All of us will begin (birth) at the same point and will reach to the same destination  (death). Like a moving train, all of us will gradually grow old. There is no way we can reverse it. Like stations that come on the rail journey, all of us will go through different stages of life. And now, here is the thing I would like everyone to focus upon. Because, according to me, this is the most important part of the train journey. It is sure that all of us will reach to the same destination, but the secret is, when we will reach the destination all of us will give different reactions. You know why? Because we will travel in different compartments. Those who travelled in general class, they will complain that they are tired in the journey. They did not get the place to sit. There was no hygiene. And they did not enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. However, those who travelled in first class, they will enjoy the journey. They enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning and privacy. They enjoy the views from the window.”

There is actually no difference in all of us but how we choose to lead our life. Decide in which class you would like to lead your life. 

How to Manage Finances For Month #LearnFromWife

I was facing difficulty with managing my finances. Maybe because, I was trying to do it on my own. I failed a couple of times and sought counsel from my wife. That turned out to be a good practice. It helped me manage not just money but added effectiveness, love and respect in my relationship as well. Read on to find the simple trick for effective finance planning.

I have been working in the field of marketing for last 3 years. When I calculated the amount I have received from various sources I was amazed at the number. I have earned 10 to 11 Lakh Rupees of salary. I took the personal loan of 2 lakh from a bank. I earned as much as 50 thousand rupees from my investments. Inspire of all this, my savings are close to zero. I have not built any assets. Nor I have invested in any shares or bonds keeping the larger picture in mind.

To learn the art of managing finances, I shuffled through some books, some books came my way, I watched some videos. Finally I found a book I can relate to. 

The secret of managing our finances lies in one simple thing- the willingness to do so. Many of us are not simply aware that we need to start saving. RIGHT NOW. Some of us have got good jobs, some of us are born with silver spoon in their mouth while some of us believe in living for the day. But, neglecting the much needed need of savings can be disastrous in long term.

Just think about this, how have you prepared for medical emergencies; have to taken care of the education of your children; how have you taken care of your retirement funds. If the answer to any of the above questions is negative you should start building your savings right away.

The technique I am going to discuss is the simple one. And is equally effective. 

Buy three piggy banks. Lable them as “SPEND / DONATE”, “EMERGENCY FUNDS”  ,”SAVINGS / INVEST”. As soon as you receive your paycheck you need to segregate it. 

It is advisable to put 10% of amount in savings box. By savings box, I imply putting the money in savings account or buy shares, bonds. Invest the money. Dont let it lie idle. Remember the science of inflation, the money kept unused reduces in value over the period of time.

One should put close to 15 – 20% of the salary or earnings into Emergency funds. You can use this amount in the times of needs. This money can be used to meet with medical situations, education of the children etc. 

The remaining amount is for you. You can pay your rent, EMI ,buy things etc with it. But, no matter what happens let your savings grow. Do not use the emergence funds casually. 

I have started planning my expenses and savings right on my salary day. I separate the amounts of day one itself. Thankfully my wife is a pro in this art. I may take savings casually but she doesn’t. She takes pen and paper and plans out the foreseen expenses. While she does so, she keeps separate funds for movies and entertainment. It’s always good to seek counsel from your wife. That way she feels the responsibility equally. She gets the respect she deserves. By including her in planning your finances you give her a place of equality. That’s a must have thing for a healthy relationship. 

 I suggest you do the same. It’s the effective way of building a good future for you and your loved ones.

Do write back your views. I would like to learn how you manage your savings. 

Letter to Newspaper Editors #GoForDreams

​I have been planning to reach out to different newspapers to publish my articles. I very much wished to see my articles being published in the national papers. It seemed too ambitious to me. For quite some time, I kind of pushed myself back. I told myself that its too tough; it requires a great quality maybe I won’t be able to provide that; I feared that nobody will reply and my efforts will be wasted. 

But today, I decided to do it. I told myself that the worst that can happen is they will reject my request or won’t take efforts to write back. But, it might be a temporary ‘no’. They might reach out to me in future. Or, they might ask me to be a ghost writer. So I #TookAStep and began writing the letter. Am sharing the same with you. I am doing this because I feel firm on my feet when I share with my fellow readers. 

Dear sir/ madam,

Thank you for taking time to read the e-mail. 

I wish to publish my articles in your acclaimed newspaper. I am a marketing professional. I am working in the field for past three years. My work profile exposes me to meet, interact and deal with different people. I get to speak with professionals accross different industries, different ages and different geographical locations. My articles are largely influenced by those experiences. 

 I write on the aspects of self development. In my articles I share how I implemented different concepts from the well known self help books. All my articles are driven by my experiences. I believe they will get good connect with the mass audience, especially the youngsters.

The guide to self help is a need to almost every individual. Everyone wants to go ahead . Everyone is looking out for happiness, success and the much needed support. I provide my insights on different topics whos essence is to help ourselves grow. 

I would be very much obliged to you if you could extend the opportunity. Being an unknown to you, I would be delighted to meet you and share my thoughts on the same lines. My expectatation from you is to publish my articles in the columns of personal care, self help, motivation. 

Please find attached the sample articles written by me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With Best Regards.

Everyone Has Got A Story #Listen

It’s not easy to understand someone. Because it involves a very important aspect of personality- habit of listening. This is the secret of a happy, successful and fullfiling life.

I saw two senior citizens waiting for someone at the entrance of the jogging park. When I was about to complete a first round, I noticed that the person they were waiting for had arrived. The trio of senior citizens looked too familiar with one another. It seemed like they were college time buddies. Now, they were in their late sixties. The person who came late was giving some explanation, I guessed he was giving reason behind the delay. It was just another situation, however, today it triggered the chain of thoughts in me.

How many of us really like to #Listen? How many of really put themselves in someone’s shoes? How many of us let someone #Explain the situation and not be angry at the first chance.

In one of the novels I have read, a writer has explained life as series of stories. Each story interlinked with another like a web. Each story having some consequences  that impact someone else.

It’s important to listen the story which a person has got to tell you. If a delivery boy did not arrive on time, he has #GotTheStory. If the person forgot to do something for you, he may have got a story. Everyone has got a story to tell. If you give some attention and keep some #Patience you may give someone great relief. You may end up making someone feel happier, better and stronger. 

How To Think In The Morning #TowardsHappiness

It’s not easy to control our thoughts. However, its important. Today, I woke up and the first thoughts that came to my mind made me think about #HowIThink.

Thinking in a good way is the key to #Happiness. Expecting less & less from others and giving out love with patience is the way to the #FulfillingLife.  

Today I woke up with the sound of drizzling rain in my balcony. I knew I can’t go for a walk in such a weather. So much of passion will not suit my health! There were some options with me now. First and my favourite, I  could go back to sleep. Second, well, before a second thought entered my mind, I hid myself under the blanket. 

I wanted to go back to sleep. But #Habits & addictions make you miserably weak. Though I hid below the blanket and closed my eyes, I couldn’t sleep at all. Thus, I had to think about what else I could do. I thought, it will be good to just feel the morning breeze and watch the rain. Because I seldom find to do these things.

When I stood in the balcony feeling misty breeze on my face, suddenly my mind took me back to 20 years. I was a kid of 7. It is among the first of my memories. On a rainy day, we were trapped in a damp place outside the city. My parents worked as the labourers and they were abandoned. Penniless and in New place, We spent a week on meagre food. As soon as this thought came to my mind I thought, “why Did I think of the most negative instance? A lot of good things had taken place in rainy seasons. I had joined school in rainy days, I saw my brother getting married in rainy days, my results of exams came in rainy days, my photos were printed into newspaper in rainy days and I met with the love of my life in rainy days.”

All these memories were printed in my memories. But one sad memory took over them and made me dive into the past I so much wanted to forget.

Now I came to know the nature of human brain. We think of negative things first. We tend to remember them longer. Because we play these situations in our minds again and again until they become profound memories. But how should we think?

It’s important to apply filter on our thoughts. Let’s consider thoughts to be independent articles floating in our mind’s space. We need to apply filter on each one of them and catagorise them. You did not understand what am saying ? Let me explain..

As soon as a thought starts floating in our mind we should recognize it. For example as soon as my mind thought about negative memory from 20 years back, I should have catagorised it as a negative thought. Then, I should have catagorised it further as a non-important one. It was a morning time and I should have asked my mind to think about things that motivate me. I should have thought about how lucky I have been to survive  3 deadly accidents. I should have felt happy for having a girl I loved as my wife. There were a lot of good things I should thought about.

That’s another secret of happiness. Learning to think properly is a key. We should stop thinking and worrying about negative things. We should think and adamantly make ourselves think about positive and good things. Ones we started playing with our thoughts, thoughts stop playing with us. Ones we started taking control of them, they start behaving like obedient boy. It’s not so tough as it may seem. It’s so easy. We just need to start thinking about what we are thinking. That’s it.

Practice thinking like this every morning. Put a filter on thoughts that come to your mind. Give up the negative, sad thoughts of failure, loss and calamity. Make yourself think about good things instead. Take a look at your life and you are sure to find a lot of good things. You have earned a lot of success, happiness, respect and place for yourself. Think about those happy things. 

Let me know what you thought about it. GOOD DAY TO YOU.

He Knew How To Sell #MarketingAnything

Marketing is a must have skill for everyone. I learn a secret of marketing from a street vendor today. It was certainly an important lesson in my life.

Marketing isn’t just a job. We need to learn and implement marketing in our day to day life. When we find it difficult to express our feelings in words; when you find that people are not finding you worth; when you want to get things done from anyone – #MarketingSkill skill is what you want. Because unless your do the marketing of your skills, qualities, offerings you won’t be able to get their worth.

Marketing is a one tough game. I am working in this field for as much as 3 years now. Still I find it tough. My mind often wonders what is the one secret to marketing.

There are a few vendors selling healthy food and drinks just outside the jogging park. These people set up their makeshift stalls right from when the first person comes for jogging. I find them highly #Dedicated towards their business. They don’t have much of the variety in offerings. They sell Carrot juice, bitterguard juice and breakfast cereals. The best part about their makeshift stalls is, they hang the posters on them. The poster has the mention of health #Benefits of their products. They convey it rightly. But every vendor does the same. That’s not much of a learning. The #SecretOfMarketing came in broad light when I spoke with the vendor.

When I asked about the bitterguard juice he said, “Have it sir, its a very nice juice. Just take a look at its benefits. They are miraculous. So many rich people especially come to my stall for bitterguar juice.”

What an astounding answer! The vendor poured all the secrets of Marketing in simple words.

The best part was, he said #ItIsReallyGood. This sentence kills you. Everyone is looking for Good things.

He showed me its benefits in #WrittenForm. I already knew them. We humans tend to think that written things are more true. That surely makes an impact. 

The last part was most essential of all. When he said that so many rich people come to his stall for bitterguar juice, he meant the juice is surely good. But he has the best of it.

He surely made his sell. I think human beings are born as followers. Most of us follow rich, famous and successful people. So when someone tells us like, rich people do this- do that, we tend to follow.

I bought a glass of bitterguar juice. It was so bitter. When I finished it, I read what was written in the end of poster “It May Taste Bitter But Has Sweetest Effects. Thank You, Come Back Again.”