What is the purpose of my life?

We all have faced this question at one pint of time or other. we all have tried to find out our purpose of life. but, how many of is do you think really realize? well, I just happened to find out.


Health, wealth and respect might be some of the tangible and intangible assets someone might include in his/ her purpose of life. Someone might even have a purpose of giving out love, helping millions of people, making world a better place in his / her list of purpose of life.
I have lived a better part of my life and as of yet, i have come across this question hundred of times. What is the purpose of my life? I have not found a true answer to this question.
Funny thing is, I don’t know how to find it. And even funnier things is, not even those people know it, who I thought, might know. So, somehow, its completely up to me.
Maybe I need to do some soul searching, maybe meditation and yoga might help, or maybe I should connect with enough people and gather their opinions of me. But I am not sure any of this will help. Why? Because I do not follow any such structure.
Sometimes, we find our answers in most peculiar ways possible. I found my answer couple of days back when I was smoking along with a smoker. He was talking to someone else and I overheard it.
“My purpose of life is to become the best version of myself. I do not care what anyone thinks about me. What’s most important for me is my opinion about myself.” Well, in that very moment I found that it went with my priorities. And so, thus I found my purpose of life. ‘To become the best version of myself.’

biography of fastest man on earth- Usain Bolt

Hi, this is the complete biography of fastest man on earth- Usain Bolt. It is based on his official autobiography ‘Faster than lightening

About Usain Bolt :
Usain St Leo Bolt, born 21 August 1986 is a retired Jamaican sprinter and world record holder in the 100 metres , 200 metres and 4 × 100 metres relay. His reign as Olympic Games champion in all of these events spans three Olympics. Due to his achievements and dominance in sprint competition, he is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time.

Minutes of the book:
1-In everyone’s life his childhood upbringing plays a vital role. Bolt was born and brought up by vary strict parents. His father worked in a factory and he regarded respectfulness as a very important trait. When Bolt was a kid his father made in compulsory for him to greet hello to everyone he met while walking to school. That made him respectful.
2- As a kid he used run around too much. He was very active. Funny as it seems he never thought that he was fast enough. He liked to play cricket but he never thought that running will be something he would do.
3. Since childhood he was very lazy. His father gave him responsibility to fill the water tank everyday. Because of his laziness he carried 2 drums at a time so that he would not have to go double rounds. That built his strength since early childhood.
4- he participated in the school race because his teacher bribed him with a box lunch if he won the race. When he won the race he liked that feeling of victory.
5- he got the scholarship and was taken by the racers club for training. He said that as he was lazy he did not take training seriously. Instead he liked fooling around playing video games and eating junk foods.
6- since he did not take train I g seriously he was continually defeated in junior’s races. He got angry and trained hard to win.
7- he made strategies to win. Racing might sound only about running but its not. It takes a lot to win a race. He deviced strategies to win by targeting the weakness of his opponents.
8- as a kid and a junior champion he only wanted to win. In a junior championships he was so worried about losing that he decided to not participate. But when he won he was showered with love. That made him crave for more love.
9- when he got 16 and won junior world championship in 200 meters he got training from racers club.
10- The coaching was so tough that he couldn’t take it. He felt that the coach wasn’t giving him the training that would suit his style. He was right. Because it caused serious harm to his body.
11- Bolt suffered from Scoriosis. It is a condition in which ones hamstring breaks down. Hamstrings are the muscles in your back. His hamstrings were severely broken in 2005.
12- in 2005 he started preparing for world cup. He told his coach that he would do every work he told.
13- when he won 3 medals in 2008 Beijing Olympics people started thinking that he was the legend. But he thought that that’s not enough. He wanted to win more and more.
14- he won total of 8 gold medals in Olympics , 11 gold in world championship and retired in 2017 after Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016.

I strongly recommend you guys to read this beautiful Novel.

Here’s the link if you would like to buy The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

What’s the best way to prepare for the big personal interview ahead?

I have been lucky enough to face quite a lot of interviews lately. Here i have compiled some questions you should know beforehand. I am sure if you have answers to all these questions you can face any interview successfully. good luck.

You might be scheduled to be interviewed for a big post in an MNC or for a Government job or even for a marriage. It’s pretty sure that the person might ask you anything out of blue. When I started my career I used to get nervous before the interviews. Fortunately I am working in the field of sales and marketing. I get to meet with dozens of new people on daily basis. After speaking with so many new people I found out that it boosted my interview skills. Now I do not get confused or nervous. Isn’t that cool?
Let’s take this topic this way. I have compiled some questions. I feel that if you have the answer to these questions before you show up at the interview venue you will be a champion of your game.
1. What are the things that trouble you about being interviewed
2. Why are you attending a particular interview?
3. Why you should get a positive outcome?
4. What might be the circumstances in which you might fail?
5. How best can you introduce yourself?
6. How do your skills, academics and attitude make you a best suited candidate?
7. What makes you so special?
8. Do you know the complete basics about the person/party who is interviewing you?
9. What is the worst case scenario of the interview?
10. Are you ready to deal with the worst case scenarios?
Just cover these 10 questions and you can clear any given interview. No matter in which company you would like to try your luck.

I hope you found the article useful. What’s your opinion about my observations. Kindly share your views in the comments.

10 Things I learned from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This is the book review of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I have tried to cover 10 beautiful life lessons I learned from this beautiful novel.

Alchemist is undoubtedly the best novel i read in my life. It’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s essence lies in how effectively it covers various points. It has been almost a decade since I read The Alchemist. Still the book is profoundly printed in my mind.

1- Santiago had a family. And he had a passion of travelling the world. His father suggested that there was only one way to fulfil his dreams. He could rear the sheep and thus travel the world with them. He left the comfort One of his family and started working on it. Many of us might have dreams. To fulfil them its important that you leave from your comfort zone.
2.- Santiago had a particular dream whenever he slept in that particular church. He thought there might be something. So he went on to discover that he had to go behind it.
3. When the lady who interpreted dreams told him that he would find the treasure in the pyramids of Egypt. She asked him to give 10% share when he got the treasure. Santiago agreed. That was the mistake. If we started betting on what we do not have we lose interest from achieving it.
4. The king told that Santiago should give some of his sheep to him he felt attachments with the sheep. Our attachments serve as obstacles in our path. We need to let go of the unnecessary attachments.
5. When Santiago reached the other country his money is stolen. That was a setback. When we set out to pursue our dreams we are sure to face some setbacks. Like Santiago we need to respond to the setbacks by starting again and again.
6. When Santiago finally had enough money he had an option of returning back to his home. He could buy more sheep and lead life as he used to do. But he chose to move ahead.
7. Maktub- The owner of the Crystal shop told him a beautiful concept. Maktub means everything is written beforehand. That means our destiny is already set.
8. When Santiago reached in the safe haven he fell in love with a girl. He was ready to let go of his dream and stay with her. The girl told him to move on.
9. When Santiago was taken hostage along with the alchemist he had to disappear with air. It is a symbolic event we can relate with impossible. But he had to believe it. He believed it and achieved it.
10. After going through all those hardships Santiago found out that the treasure was buried in the church where he had that dream. That does not mean he took efforts in vain. Had he not taken that journey he would never have realised it.

I strongly recommend you guys to read this beautiful Novel.

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How about writing an entry on daily basis?

I have been writing diary for the large part of my life. Today I took a look at what I achieved with it just in one aspect.

Last year i did an experiment. I wrote an article on my experiences from morning walks. The blog picked up pace. I got some good comments, it gave me recognition in my place of work, my colleagues now find me talented. What I meant to say is, any habit takes some time before it gives us the fruits. We cannot expect to achieve big success in short time even if we take extreme steps.
Now, I have understood the importance of keeping up the good work. Good work, good content, good underatanding, good health, good clarity of basics and good commitment in life do give you some benefits.
Now I have taken up a project. I wish to make this my master project. Mainly because, this is something i am good at. I am a good writer, good reader and a speaker. Now, with the help of my YouTube channel, my personal web site I am able to put my thoughts into words. I am sure in days to come, I will strike a chord with world. I will be able to carve some place for myself. Hopefully, I will be able to convert it into a full time business.
Keeping good work going is the key to success. May God give me strength to keep moving. I am thankful to God for the beautiful mind he has given me. I will always try to prove to him that he trusted a right person with these abilities. I will be the best version of myself .

How to write about us page?

I am starting to write content for my website. I have got a website that talks about men’s sexual health. read on to find out how I wrote the about us page.

Though I am a writer I am used to With writing for pleasure alone. I am very new to creating content for websites. However, now that I have dived into the world of niche websites, I have got to enter into the waters and get started.

Only yesterday i created a website using WordPress. And to tell you the absolute truth, it was a fantastic experience. I have identified my niche as “men’s sexual health guide” checkout my brand new website here. I would love to hear your opinions.

As a first piece of content I have created an about us page. Here’s the link to read the contents.

I had to give a lot of thought before I started writing my first sentence. Heres the strategy I used to create about us page content for my website- http://www.healthyapproach.ga

1) I thought what my reader would like to know about me. And found that users are often interseted in knowing us as a person. They want to know why we have created the website (purpose or objective), how the website will help them (not you), how he is supposed to use it? Is the information legitimate? What are the sources.
2) I noted down these questions and started writing a paragraph each for every question. Do read the about us page here at http://www.healthyapproach.ga/about-us

Tomorrow I am writing content for home page. I will share the strategy tomorrow.

About Starting Amazon Affiliate Website

Can you choose Amazon associates / affiliate as a fj ‘ll time career? How good is this option. in this article I kind of promote Amazon associates. Mainly because, I found out its benefits to be greater than the risks. read on to explore more.

Dear readers,

I had mentioned in my previous blog about my recent interest in starting my niche website. I think I am pretty much into this idea. It sounds great given my obsession with content and creativity.

Yesterday I came accross, Amazon affiliate program as a career opportunity. I liked the concept in one go. Mainly because I am a marketing personal and the idea really synched with me. Now I am almost on the way to create my website. However, before I do that I am panning to read as much as possible about this subject. It’s always good to enter into any business with complete knowledge of pros and cons.

Amazon affiliate is a great opportunity. Given the fact that world is turning digital. Most of the business transactions are preffered to be completed online. However in this race, there is certainly a need for human touch in the digital transactions. That’s where the role of Amazon affiliate turns out to be a crucial key. An associate gives out his experiences and feelings. This creates a human involvement in the decision making.

Amazon associates also give you the opportunity to keep earning for a long long time. That means, the post written by you years ago can bring you a sell Today. You are creating the sources of passive income for yourself. Isn’t that great?

Kindly suggest me what should i do. Whether I should dive in or stay ashore? Your suggestion are welcome.