Life Is Like a Train #TheMeaningfulAnalogy

Life Is very much like a train. As it happens in a train journey, the quality of journey depends on the compartment we travel in. Similarly, the quality of life is determined by which class we choose to live in. I believe, the decision as to which compartment you wish to travel in lies with the traveller. So does the


I have been really lucky to get in touch with a few influential people. What influenced me to the core was their ability to deal with situations; their way of interacting with people and their understanding about life. One thing was very much common among the influential people I got to be with. They were all sure about what they were going to do the next day. They were sure about what they wanted to do, to have and to achieve in long term as well.

In the seminar I attended a couple of days back, I was amazed by the understanding of life by the speaker. He understood one thing for sure, we do not have to understand the life. Because, we can’t. Nobody can’t. But yes, we surely can analyse it.

Let’s hear it in speakers own words. He said, “as I look at it, life is like a Train. I will tell you why I think so. Like a Train, all of us have our journeys fixed. All of us will begin (birth) at the same point and will reach to the same destination  (death). Like a moving train, all of us will gradually grow old. There is no way we can reverse it. Like stations that come on the rail journey, all of us will go through different stages of life. And now, here is the thing I would like everyone to focus upon. Because, according to me, this is the most important part of the train journey. It is sure that all of us will reach to the same destination, but the secret is, when we will reach the destination all of us will give different reactions. You know why? Because we will travel in different compartments. Those who travelled in general class, they will complain that they are tired in the journey. They did not get the place to sit. There was no hygiene. And they did not enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. However, those who travelled in first class, they will enjoy the journey. They enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning and privacy. They enjoy the views from the window.”

There is actually no difference in all of us but how we choose to lead our life. Decide in which class you would like to lead your life. 

Remember To Smile #DoItNow

I read an article today. The article was written to the point and made me think about my smiling habits. The analysis gave me some necessary outputs. Read on to find out how it can be important for you as well.

In my opinion and experiences, nothing is more contagious than smile of the person you love, your friends and acquaintances, people you deal with on daily basis, people you work with and even the novices you see on the streets. That’s the #BeautyOfSmiles.

I came upon this thought today when I read the chapter from book titled Succeed Yourself by Richard Denny. In the chapter, author has emphasized on importance of smiling in all new perspectives. Here are some of the perspectives I liked :

1) Smiling takes lesser muscles than frowning. That simply meant our faces won’t be wrinkled soon if we smile more often. That also meant we will look more beautiful. 

2) The author has pointed out on smiling without any reasons. Yes, there is a difference between smiling and laughter. 

3) How about starting your day with a #Smile?

4) smiling person is automatically perceived as confident, passionate and friendly. 

5) Smile and negative thoughts will be at arms distance from you.

6) Everyone loves to speak with smiling person. Do you like to speak with a jolly person or serious one?

After reading the articles, I went on to do the analysis of my smiling habits? How often I smiled? With whom I smiled? And I was not so happy with what I found.

The first thing is these days I don’t smile much. I wear kind of a grave look on my face these days. The reason behind this is my distorted relationships with my colleagues. I have decided to improve the relationships now. I realky like my smiling face.

I have become too serious in my personal life as well. I love my wife a lot. But when am sharing time with her, my mind is almost always occupied with something or other. I don’t smile so much with her as well. This is a grave serious observation. I will make it a point to handle things with smiling face. Starting this moment itself.

I think a small change in ourselves on daily basis can make us better, happier and more importantly, stronger. What are your views about it?

Why Do I Prefer To Wake Up at 5 #LiveMore

Everyone wants to make his life more and more beautiful. It’s very easy to do so. The secret to the improved and satisfactory life is living more, doing more and more activities and ultimately staying at top of everything.

A few years back, one of the beverages company started a campaign titled “It’s your life- #MakeItLarge” The campaign concentrated on how you enhance your life by drinking those beverages. However, it gave me a good concept to think about. How to make our life more beautiful? How do I enhance my life? How do I #Enjoy its every moment?

Later I began writing on the same concept. I explored the concept in terms of experimenting with different things ranging from sports, spirituality, music, knowledge and much more. The subject, however, was so extensive that I wasn’t really satisfied with what I explored. The question wasn’t really resolved. I guess, I have reached to the core of the solution now.

For last few days I was not able to go out for #MorningWalk. As happens with all the lazy people, I started waking up late. And for last 10 days, I started waking up at 8 AM. There was a marginal difference between waking up at 5 AM and 8 AM. My routine was completely devastated with this change. The good thing, however, was I felt better to have some lazy time.

Now the grand question has struck me like lightening. I sleep between 11 PM to 8 AM. That means I sleep for 9 hours out of 24 hrs of day. I go to office and work between 9.30 to 7 PM. That leaves me with meagre 4 to 5 hours to live my life. If I live only this much, how do I make it Large?

Now, I have understood this concept of making our life large. It’s essence lies in living more. Here are the takeaways,

1) Wake up early and do as much activities as possible 

2) Do exercises, Yoga, Pranayam, read books, listen music, write the day journal, have a good hefty breakfast and then start for office.

3) I calculated the time and found that I needed atleast 4 hours of morning life.

4) The life seems more beautiful when you are occupied and involved in different activities. 

5) If we are doing single activity in 4 hours we feel day is very short. However, if we did lots of activities in couple of activities,  we feel the largeness  of the day.

6) Feeling healthy is a key to positive thoughts. So if you want to stay happy, keep yourself strong and strive to be stronger.

Now I have decided to start waking up at 5 every morning. That’s how I plan to make my life large. What are your thoughts about it? Kindly add your views too.

Everyone Has Got A Story #Listen

It’s not easy to understand someone. Because it involves a very important aspect of personality- habit of listening. This is the secret of a happy, successful and fullfiling life.

I saw two senior citizens waiting for someone at the entrance of the jogging park. When I was about to complete a first round, I noticed that the person they were waiting for had arrived. The trio of senior citizens looked too familiar with one another. It seemed like they were college time buddies. Now, they were in their late sixties. The person who came late was giving some explanation, I guessed he was giving reason behind the delay. It was just another situation, however, today it triggered the chain of thoughts in me.

How many of us really like to #Listen? How many of really put themselves in someone’s shoes? How many of us let someone #Explain the situation and not be angry at the first chance.

In one of the novels I have read, a writer has explained life as series of stories. Each story interlinked with another like a web. Each story having some consequences  that impact someone else.

It’s important to listen the story which a person has got to tell you. If a delivery boy did not arrive on time, he has #GotTheStory. If the person forgot to do something for you, he may have got a story. Everyone has got a story to tell. If you give some attention and keep some #Patience you may give someone great relief. You may end up making someone feel happier, better and stronger. 

It’s All About Money #GenuineRelations

There are lots of mean people around us. But the truth is, life is defined by goodness that surrounds us.

Sometimes I get very negative about the notion of #Love, Life and #Relationships. I find them too hard to understand. It’s because of the few cruel experiences I have recently undergone.

When I walked out the door, I got to witness a lot of hoardings with Birthday wishes to the politicians, the blood donations and tree plantation drives by different groups and parties, the celebration of events. My mind 

suddenly drifted to the truth that all that these people are doing is advertising themselves to earn more money and power. No one is concerned about the society, the nature and wellbeing of the people. All that they want to do is to showcase their power and riches.

I have some thoughts for common man:

1) Common man is an eternal follower. He follows power and status like fool. And when time comes #CommonMan dies like flies.

2) No one becomes successful only by following others. Followers stay followers forever.

When people are in contact with me only for the sake of money, it kills me. But, its the #Reality of life. 

But, I have found some genuine people too. These people are like a drop in ocean but they are their. On speedy highways, I have met people who drove extra miles to inform me that I had kept the wrong indicator on. I met with a boy who returned my wallet full of cash. 

Though its a truth that most of the people are negligent, life is not about them. Life is about good people that are scattered around us. These people give us #Hope. I search for these people around. I hope you do the same.

How About Some Passion #Health

There are so many sources of inspiration for me. I can’t say what will inspire me more. Sometimes books and movies leave their magic on me. Sometimes competition with peers pushes me forwards.  However, 

I get highly inspired by real life people. What eye perceives enters directly to my mind.

Today I compared the #Passion of senior citizens with that of the youngsters. I was amazed with what I saw. Senior citizens are more passionate about Health and fitness. When they walk, they walk like their life depends on the #MorningWalk. They are very particular about sweating. When I look at them, the stream of passion passes through me.

I started thinking about it. I have tried to summarize them here.

Q) They are very particular about Health because they have seen the consequences of not taking care of themselves. 

W) They are sadder because the young generation is not so passionate about Health. They so much wish to pass on their legacy to next-generation. 

E) Not just the physical fitness. They also care a lot about their spiritual enhancements and mental peace.

R) They are very particular about timings. No matter whether it rains or it is so cold, they never skip their morning #Routine. 

T) While leaving the jogging park, they make it a point to have a glass of Bitterguard juice and buy the newspapers. 

Y) Their faces beam with happiness. I guess, that’s the reason behind their motivation. 
What do you think about these findings? Let me hear your views.

The Eye Opening Conversation #StartNow

The best time to start working towards healthy lifestyle is NOW. A conversation in the morning opened my eyes and made me more serious about physical health and well being. Readout to find more.

Sometimes we behave like we have got all the time in the word. At some point or other some of us might have wondered, ‘it doesn’t matter if a day is wasted. There’s still time.’ 

It’s a good way to think in the difficult times. #Time passes too soon. There’s always a new day to start afresh. However, in the times of peace, it is not appropriate way of thinking. What happened today opened my eyes. 

I observed an elder person in his late sixties every morning. He was a slim person of average indian height. More than half of his hair was white now. The most distinctive thing about him was his dedication towards #PhysicalExercise, #Yoga, #Pranayam and #Meditation. He exercised like his life depends on exercise. I witnessed his presence in the jogging park but never got to speak with him. Partly because when I was relaxed he was always busy with meditation or Yoga exercise. 

Today I got an opportunity to speak with him. He was free when I was about to finish with jogging. He was a very pleasant personality. He had retired from government services last year. He was an engineer and worked in the field of turbines installation. Now he lived with his son and his wife. After exchanging pleasantries, I came straight to the point, “Why do you exercise so much?” I asked.

He smiled, “I have to exercise. Last year I had a stroke. I fall down suddenly one afternoon while I was working in the heat.” He showed me the mark on his chin. The chin had got wounded when he fall on the stones.

“With God’s grace I survived. Doctors said that it was so serious that I might have died on the spot. He advised that I should do physical exercise now otherwise there won’t be no #NextTime.  When I was out of the hospital, I went to Ramdeo babas training camp. I learnt Yoga and meditation there. Now I exercise for 1 and half hours on daily basis.”

Yes, the conversation was on the lines you would already have expected. But it opened my eyes. Like you I also know that I should take care of physical fitness. But when I had conversation with the eldrely gentleman today, I got serious about it.

LifeIsBeautiful and to enjoy this beautiful life, good health is a must-have. I have observed that it doesn’t take a lot of time to maintain fitness. You don’t have to hit out to gym and workout for hours. A fifteen minutes of daily exercise can keep you fit. That’s my personal observation.

There won’t have to be an eye opening situation so that we will start with it. There won’t have to be someone reminding us and nagging at us to do the exercise. Taking care of ourselves is a way of saying #ILoveMyself. 

Let’s stop saying that I will start exercising from tomorrow. Let’s stop postponing things. Let’s go for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s make it a habit to smile at difficulties. Let’s make a better tomorrow for ourselves. Am going to be extra serious about #MorningWalks starting today. What about you? What do you have about morning walks in mind? Which exercise suits you better? The jogging, gym, Yoga, Pranayam or some other. Where are you planning to implement it? And most important of all, when will you wake up so that you are able to manage your morning time? If you haven’t planned about these things yet, why not sit down and plan it today. It’s a SUNDAY. 

I wish a long life to the gentleman. May God bless him. And God bless you too.