What’s the best way to prepare for the big personal interview ahead?

I have been lucky enough to face quite a lot of interviews lately. Here i have compiled some questions you should know beforehand. I am sure if you have answers to all these questions you can face any interview successfully. good luck.


You might be scheduled to be interviewed for a big post in an MNC or for a Government job or even for a marriage. It’s pretty sure that the person might ask you anything out of blue. When I started my career I used to get nervous before the interviews. Fortunately I am working in the field of sales and marketing. I get to meet with dozens of new people on daily basis. After speaking with so many new people I found out that it boosted my interview skills. Now I do not get confused or nervous. Isn’t that cool?
Let’s take this topic this way. I have compiled some questions. I feel that if you have the answer to these questions before you show up at the interview venue you will be a champion of your game.
1. What are the things that trouble you about being interviewed
2. Why are you attending a particular interview?
3. Why you should get a positive outcome?
4. What might be the circumstances in which you might fail?
5. How best can you introduce yourself?
6. How do your skills, academics and attitude make you a best suited candidate?
7. What makes you so special?
8. Do you know the complete basics about the person/party who is interviewing you?
9. What is the worst case scenario of the interview?
10. Are you ready to deal with the worst case scenarios?
Just cover these 10 questions and you can clear any given interview. No matter in which company you would like to try your luck.

I hope you found the article useful. What’s your opinion about my observations. Kindly share your views in the comments.

What maketh life?

What is life? I tend to think about it over and over. for a long time I thought about it and then found out a simple answer. Life is choices we make.

It has dawned onto me that the beauty of life lies in life itself. Life is what we make it. Let’s take an example to illustrate this point.
Let’s say you decided to have a cat as a pet. You might be, and you should be very well aware that life revolves around choices which we make. Now, in the case of having pet at home you have to make numerous choices. Starting from what you would call it, what you will feed it, where you will keep it, how will you groom it, how you will play etc. All these choices have implications. For example, you have an option of giving your cat the leftover food or the fresh food. A lot depends on what you choose. You might choose giving fresh food and you might make it a habit. Then there will come a day when you have no energy to prepare anything for your cat. But it won’t eat the stale food.
Similarly, life is a result of the numerous choices we make every single day. What do you choose decides what you will receive. Every single sentence you speak shapes your life. Every single moment you spend shapes your life. Every person you interact with shapes your life. Every thought you think of shapes your life.
Now, I do not think that awe can always make right choices. In fact, quite a lot of times we make Wrong choices even if we knew its implications. We decide to smoke, to drink and drive, to pay the unknowns without much worry. We do that primarily because we prefer not worrying about things.
What are your observations on this topic? Do share your beautiful thoughts in comments box.
Regards Vinod Jadhav

Topics for niche website

I agree that its a great idea to start a niche web site. but, is it really so easy to find the niche subject. I am not yet aware about the tools that might be needed. but yes, general observations suggest that it is going to take some real efforts.

Dear reader,

I have a reason to believe that you are aware about what exactly niche web site means. However, only to confirm that we are on same page, let’s repeat it ones.

In layman’s language, a niche is the area/ field which is very minute. It can a subset of a broad subject. For example, dating can be a broad topic. But ‘dating for people above 55’ will be a niche.

Now, I have been thinking about what should be my first niche concept. And I tumbled upon a thought. How about choosing an evergreen topic? Now what are the topics. First and foremost (in my humble opinion) its sex. Second, technology and thus it follows. So, I thought about choosing a niche that revolves around sex. My primary thought is to for for men’s sexual health tips. However, I have a feeling that even this is a broad topic. Can you suggest me some options?

About Starting Amazon Affiliate Website

Can you choose Amazon associates / affiliate as a fj ‘ll time career? How good is this option. in this article I kind of promote Amazon associates. Mainly because, I found out its benefits to be greater than the risks. read on to explore more.

Dear readers,

I had mentioned in my previous blog about my recent interest in starting my niche website. I think I am pretty much into this idea. It sounds great given my obsession with content and creativity.

Yesterday I came accross, Amazon affiliate program as a career opportunity. I liked the concept in one go. Mainly because I am a marketing personal and the idea really synched with me. Now I am almost on the way to create my website. However, before I do that I am panning to read as much as possible about this subject. It’s always good to enter into any business with complete knowledge of pros and cons.

Amazon affiliate is a great opportunity. Given the fact that world is turning digital. Most of the business transactions are preffered to be completed online. However in this race, there is certainly a need for human touch in the digital transactions. That’s where the role of Amazon affiliate turns out to be a crucial key. An associate gives out his experiences and feelings. This creates a human involvement in the decision making.

Amazon associates also give you the opportunity to keep earning for a long long time. That means, the post written by you years ago can bring you a sell Today. You are creating the sources of passive income for yourself. Isn’t that great?

Kindly suggest me what should i do. Whether I should dive in or stay ashore? Your suggestion are welcome.

Is there anything called luck?

I have been telling people around me quite often that I am a very lucky and the fortunate person. I have repeated this quite a number of times to date. Now, when I pause and reflect on my past, I tend to agree that I am quite a lucky person. However, is it really the thing called good-luck or the phenomenon of coincidences?

It was 2013, when I miraculously survived dying from the train mishap. In 2012 I had survived while driving.  In these cases and many more, somewhere I felt that someone was guiding me and pushing me to do things that did me some good and saved me.

Whenever I am in tight spot and wish to give upon something,. Things start changing for me all of a sudden. I have also observed that my wallet is never empty. If I am going to land broke, somehow money seems to find way to my wallet and  I survive. When I near the defeat, somehow the situation becomes favorable for me. Can I call it luck? What do you suggest my dear reader?

Does something like my experiences take place in your life too? Do share with your fellow readers.


How to manage your worries? 2 – step guide to improve your problem solving skills

Learn How to improve your problem solving skills. Learn to be more happy, productive, successful and independent. Learn how you can help others solve their problems.

Problem solving skills are among the most demanded skills when one appears for interviews for jobs. You certainly understand that if you have these skills, you can beat of a large section of competition. 

In our personal life, we come accross a lot of problems on daily basis. Sometimes it feels that the problems aren’t going to end till your last breath. That feels most of us with worry and agony. We spend a large amount of our time and energy in getting our those problems. Gladly, there are methods to solve these petty issues. Lets take a look at 2 step problem solving guide recommend by Dale Carnegie in his book “stop worrying and start living”.
1. Ask yourself- “what are you worried about ?”

You may find this step quite funny. Especially because, you were worried about the problem. However, try to write down this problem in the form of a statement. Try something like this ‘I am worried that I will not be able to create my Android app on time.’

Now, you might have different worries troubling you at the same time. Author suggests, you can write all of them on paper in the form of statements. 

When you will be through with this step you will find out that they are not so frenetic now. You will start thinking about the problem as it is. 
2. Ask yourself – “What can be done about it?”

Write down all the solutions that come to your mind. For example in my case-

A) I can put extra efforts everyday for one week and that can complete my project on time.

B) I can ask my colleague to collaborate 

C) I can take help from online app buildings  sites.

D) I can ask for one week extension.
When you make a list, you start finding that you can solve it. Your mindset shifts from thinking about problems to problem solving. Believe me, mindset is the key to problem solving.

Do let me known your thoughts on it.

Life Is Like a Train #TheMeaningfulAnalogy

Life Is very much like a train. As it happens in a train journey, the quality of journey depends on the compartment we travel in. Similarly, the quality of life is determined by which class we choose to live in. I believe, the decision as to which compartment you wish to travel in lies with the traveller. So does the

I have been really lucky to get in touch with a few influential people. What influenced me to the core was their ability to deal with situations; their way of interacting with people and their understanding about life. One thing was very much common among the influential people I got to be with. They were all sure about what they were going to do the next day. They were sure about what they wanted to do, to have and to achieve in long term as well.

In the seminar I attended a couple of days back, I was amazed by the understanding of life by the speaker. He understood one thing for sure, we do not have to understand the life. Because, we can’t. Nobody can’t. But yes, we surely can analyse it.

Let’s hear it in speakers own words. He said, “as I look at it, life is like a Train. I will tell you why I think so. Like a Train, all of us have our journeys fixed. All of us will begin (birth) at the same point and will reach to the same destination  (death). Like a moving train, all of us will gradually grow old. There is no way we can reverse it. Like stations that come on the rail journey, all of us will go through different stages of life. And now, here is the thing I would like everyone to focus upon. Because, according to me, this is the most important part of the train journey. It is sure that all of us will reach to the same destination, but the secret is, when we will reach the destination all of us will give different reactions. You know why? Because we will travel in different compartments. Those who travelled in general class, they will complain that they are tired in the journey. They did not get the place to sit. There was no hygiene. And they did not enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. However, those who travelled in first class, they will enjoy the journey. They enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning and privacy. They enjoy the views from the window.”

There is actually no difference in all of us but how we choose to lead our life. Decide in which class you would like to lead your life.