Topics for niche website

I agree that its a great idea to start a niche web site. but, is it really so easy to find the niche subject. I am not yet aware about the tools that might be needed. but yes, general observations suggest that it is going to take some real efforts.


Dear reader,

I have a reason to believe that you are aware about what exactly niche web site means. However, only to confirm that we are on same page, let’s repeat it ones.

In layman’s language, a niche is the area/ field which is very minute. It can a subset of a broad subject. For example, dating can be a broad topic. But ‘dating for people above 55’ will be a niche.

Now, I have been thinking about what should be my first niche concept. And I tumbled upon a thought. How about choosing an evergreen topic? Now what are the topics. First and foremost (in my humble opinion) its sex. Second, technology and thus it follows. So, I thought about choosing a niche that revolves around sex. My primary thought is to for for men’s sexual health tips. However, I have a feeling that even this is a broad topic. Can you suggest me some options?

Life Is Like a Train #TheMeaningfulAnalogy

Life Is very much like a train. As it happens in a train journey, the quality of journey depends on the compartment we travel in. Similarly, the quality of life is determined by which class we choose to live in. I believe, the decision as to which compartment you wish to travel in lies with the traveller. So does the

I have been really lucky to get in touch with a few influential people. What influenced me to the core was their ability to deal with situations; their way of interacting with people and their understanding about life. One thing was very much common among the influential people I got to be with. They were all sure about what they were going to do the next day. They were sure about what they wanted to do, to have and to achieve in long term as well.

In the seminar I attended a couple of days back, I was amazed by the understanding of life by the speaker. He understood one thing for sure, we do not have to understand the life. Because, we can’t. Nobody can’t. But yes, we surely can analyse it.

Let’s hear it in speakers own words. He said, “as I look at it, life is like a Train. I will tell you why I think so. Like a Train, all of us have our journeys fixed. All of us will begin (birth) at the same point and will reach to the same destination  (death). Like a moving train, all of us will gradually grow old. There is no way we can reverse it. Like stations that come on the rail journey, all of us will go through different stages of life. And now, here is the thing I would like everyone to focus upon. Because, according to me, this is the most important part of the train journey. It is sure that all of us will reach to the same destination, but the secret is, when we will reach the destination all of us will give different reactions. You know why? Because we will travel in different compartments. Those who travelled in general class, they will complain that they are tired in the journey. They did not get the place to sit. There was no hygiene. And they did not enjoy the beauty of nature from the window. However, those who travelled in first class, they will enjoy the journey. They enjoy the comforts of the air conditioning and privacy. They enjoy the views from the window.”

There is actually no difference in all of us but how we choose to lead our life. Decide in which class you would like to lead your life. 

How to Manage Finances For Month #LearnFromWife

I was facing difficulty with managing my finances. Maybe because, I was trying to do it on my own. I failed a couple of times and sought counsel from my wife. That turned out to be a good practice. It helped me manage not just money but added effectiveness, love and respect in my relationship as well. Read on to find the simple trick for effective finance planning.

I have been working in the field of marketing for last 3 years. When I calculated the amount I have received from various sources I was amazed at the number. I have earned 10 to 11 Lakh Rupees of salary. I took the personal loan of 2 lakh from a bank. I earned as much as 50 thousand rupees from my investments. Inspire of all this, my savings are close to zero. I have not built any assets. Nor I have invested in any shares or bonds keeping the larger picture in mind.

To learn the art of managing finances, I shuffled through some books, some books came my way, I watched some videos. Finally I found a book I can relate to. 

The secret of managing our finances lies in one simple thing- the willingness to do so. Many of us are not simply aware that we need to start saving. RIGHT NOW. Some of us have got good jobs, some of us are born with silver spoon in their mouth while some of us believe in living for the day. But, neglecting the much needed need of savings can be disastrous in long term.

Just think about this, how have you prepared for medical emergencies; have to taken care of the education of your children; how have you taken care of your retirement funds. If the answer to any of the above questions is negative you should start building your savings right away.

The technique I am going to discuss is the simple one. And is equally effective. 

Buy three piggy banks. Lable them as “SPEND / DONATE”, “EMERGENCY FUNDS”  ,”SAVINGS / INVEST”. As soon as you receive your paycheck you need to segregate it. 

It is advisable to put 10% of amount in savings box. By savings box, I imply putting the money in savings account or buy shares, bonds. Invest the money. Dont let it lie idle. Remember the science of inflation, the money kept unused reduces in value over the period of time.

One should put close to 15 – 20% of the salary or earnings into Emergency funds. You can use this amount in the times of needs. This money can be used to meet with medical situations, education of the children etc. 

The remaining amount is for you. You can pay your rent, EMI ,buy things etc with it. But, no matter what happens let your savings grow. Do not use the emergence funds casually. 

I have started planning my expenses and savings right on my salary day. I separate the amounts of day one itself. Thankfully my wife is a pro in this art. I may take savings casually but she doesn’t. She takes pen and paper and plans out the foreseen expenses. While she does so, she keeps separate funds for movies and entertainment. It’s always good to seek counsel from your wife. That way she feels the responsibility equally. She gets the respect she deserves. By including her in planning your finances you give her a place of equality. That’s a must have thing for a healthy relationship. 

 I suggest you do the same. It’s the effective way of building a good future for you and your loved ones.

Do write back your views. I would like to learn how you manage your savings. 

Remember To Smile #DoItNow

I read an article today. The article was written to the point and made me think about my smiling habits. The analysis gave me some necessary outputs. Read on to find out how it can be important for you as well.

In my opinion and experiences, nothing is more contagious than smile of the person you love, your friends and acquaintances, people you deal with on daily basis, people you work with and even the novices you see on the streets. That’s the #BeautyOfSmiles.

I came upon this thought today when I read the chapter from book titled Succeed Yourself by Richard Denny. In the chapter, author has emphasized on importance of smiling in all new perspectives. Here are some of the perspectives I liked :

1) Smiling takes lesser muscles than frowning. That simply meant our faces won’t be wrinkled soon if we smile more often. That also meant we will look more beautiful. 

2) The author has pointed out on smiling without any reasons. Yes, there is a difference between smiling and laughter. 

3) How about starting your day with a #Smile?

4) smiling person is automatically perceived as confident, passionate and friendly. 

5) Smile and negative thoughts will be at arms distance from you.

6) Everyone loves to speak with smiling person. Do you like to speak with a jolly person or serious one?

After reading the articles, I went on to do the analysis of my smiling habits? How often I smiled? With whom I smiled? And I was not so happy with what I found.

The first thing is these days I don’t smile much. I wear kind of a grave look on my face these days. The reason behind this is my distorted relationships with my colleagues. I have decided to improve the relationships now. I realky like my smiling face.

I have become too serious in my personal life as well. I love my wife a lot. But when am sharing time with her, my mind is almost always occupied with something or other. I don’t smile so much with her as well. This is a grave serious observation. I will make it a point to handle things with smiling face. Starting this moment itself.

I think a small change in ourselves on daily basis can make us better, happier and more importantly, stronger. What are your views about it?

Everyone Has Got A Story #Listen

It’s not easy to understand someone. Because it involves a very important aspect of personality- habit of listening. This is the secret of a happy, successful and fullfiling life.

I saw two senior citizens waiting for someone at the entrance of the jogging park. When I was about to complete a first round, I noticed that the person they were waiting for had arrived. The trio of senior citizens looked too familiar with one another. It seemed like they were college time buddies. Now, they were in their late sixties. The person who came late was giving some explanation, I guessed he was giving reason behind the delay. It was just another situation, however, today it triggered the chain of thoughts in me.

How many of us really like to #Listen? How many of really put themselves in someone’s shoes? How many of us let someone #Explain the situation and not be angry at the first chance.

In one of the novels I have read, a writer has explained life as series of stories. Each story interlinked with another like a web. Each story having some consequences  that impact someone else.

It’s important to listen the story which a person has got to tell you. If a delivery boy did not arrive on time, he has #GotTheStory. If the person forgot to do something for you, he may have got a story. Everyone has got a story to tell. If you give some attention and keep some #Patience you may give someone great relief. You may end up making someone feel happier, better and stronger. 

Every Cigarette Reduces Your Life By 11 Minutes #NoSmoking

Yesterday I saw a short film about #NoSmoking. It’s message was so impactful that I woke up with its hangover. And vowed to never smoke again in my life.

Today I woke up with the dark memories of a short film I saw yesterday. The film was titled same as the title of this post. The message of the film was represented very beautifully. I have added the link of the short film for you to spread the message. I am pretty sure you will like the message of the film.

I am an occasional smoker. I smoke when am upset, tensed or sad. I know that smoking is bad for health. Most important of all I am aware that smoking can directly cause terminal diseases like cancer. However, I continue smoking. I needed something that would open my eyes. 

The film had a very intriguing presentation style. It began with a bedridden young man making his last wish. He was bedridden as a result of smoking. He expresses his last wish of making love to girl. His wish is granted by his parents by his parents by marrying him with the beautiful girl. But the boy suddenly dies before he begins his honeymoon. 

For me the message turned out to be an eye opener.

We find those things around us which are the reflection of our mind. If our mind is filled with love, we find love around us and neglect hatred. If our mind is filled with negative things we find load of negativity around us and completely neglect the good things around. When I set out on the morning walk, I saw a young boy in his early twenties smoking on the roadside. The first thing that came to my mind was that of a pity for him. He was wasting the 11 minutes of his life. 

There are few thoughts about #Smoking which I would like to express:

1) Before I used to smoke, I always thought that smoking might be giving some happiness to the smoker. Later I experienced that its a painful exercise. 

2) I began smoking as a #Curiosity and later it became a habit. When I smoked, I never knew why I was Smoking.

3) On some days when cough got hold of me, I used to become tensed. I used to think that the cough would never ends and I will find out that I have got a lung cancer. It’s nightmarish. 

4) Smoking filled my mouth with bad taste and bad breath. I never liked to speak with anyone after smoking.

5) Recently I noticed that I smoked with some weird mentality. I smoked thinking that it has some medicinal effects. (like painkiller and stress reliever)

6) It’s funny to say, but I never liked the fact that I smoked. Still when I count the number of years I have been smoking, its 8 years.

Here’s the link to the Video. Share it to your friends who you think need an #EyeOpener to give up smoking.

A Happy Couple #SecretOfHappyMarriage

The secret of happy marriage is sharing time with each other. I found this secret when i observed the happy couple on morning walk. That set me thinking about it. Read to explore and share ideas.

A morning walk is a collage of different emotions. I get to walk a lot of happy faces every morning. When I come back from the walk, I come with the impression of these faces on my mind. I have always felt lucky that I live at the location where people of every religion, every status live in harmony. These days the month of Ramadan is progressing. I saw the happy faces of 2 of fellow Muslim morning walkers. It felt like they had washed themselves in the holy waters of peace. They appeared like the symbol of peace in their white kurtas. 

At one point I felt sad that such a beautiful religion, preaching of love And peace is wrongly catalogued these days. 

Today is Saturday, for me, this is a lazy morning. My body and mind are craving for Sunday. They get the rest on Sunday. It had rained yesterday and i couldn’t jog as the track had become muddy. 

I came back from walk with the impression of a Happy couple on my mind. This couple had come for The walk. It was an ordinary couple. They were both in there mid thirties. The extranordinary thing I got to witness was, they were really in love with each other. They seemed to enjoy each others company. For them the world did not exist. It seemed that they had found love recently. But looking at how comfortable they were, I thought they were married for quite some time now. There love and happiness set me thinking for the secret they shared. I found the secret of happy married life today. At least, I think I have.

The secret of happy married life, or the happy life for that matter, lies in sharing. The couple was happy because they shared the most important thing in the world- TIME. They took time to be with each other. They took steps towards happiness. They knew what’s it that both of them enjoyed. And they took time to enjoy it together.

Many of us want to know, where the secret of happy life lies. They search for it in the books and movies. They also seek professional help to improve their marriage. But the secret is simple. All you need to do is to spend time with each other. Find out what’s it that both of you enjoy. It might not be the morning walk. But, I sincerely believe and have observed that all of us have the set of likings and dislikings. Among the married couples there are atleast a couple of common things that both of them enjoy. It might be food, the sex, the meditation, the religious activities, the music, the literature etc. But there are things that both the husband and wife like. For happy married life, I believe, its important that we find time to spend time with each other doing things both the partners enjoy.

This will establish and strengthen the special bond of love between husband and wife. This will make the couple crave for each others company when they aren’t near. This will make them fall in love with each other again and again. And most importantly, this will form memories they will cherish their lifetime. 

Please write back your suggestions and experiences in the comments. I would like to listen to your insights.