How to write about us page?

I am starting to write content for my website. I have got a website that talks about men’s sexual health. read on to find out how I wrote the about us page.


Though I am a writer I am used to With writing for pleasure alone. I am very new to creating content for websites. However, now that I have dived into the world of niche websites, I have got to enter into the waters and get started.

Only yesterday i created a website using WordPress. And to tell you the absolute truth, it was a fantastic experience. I have identified my niche as “men’s sexual health guide” checkout my brand new website here. I would love to hear your opinions.

As a first piece of content I have created an about us page. Here’s the link to read the contents.

I had to give a lot of thought before I started writing my first sentence. Heres the strategy I used to create about us page content for my website-

1) I thought what my reader would like to know about me. And found that users are often interseted in knowing us as a person. They want to know why we have created the website (purpose or objective), how the website will help them (not you), how he is supposed to use it? Is the information legitimate? What are the sources.
2) I noted down these questions and started writing a paragraph each for every question. Do read the about us page here at

Tomorrow I am writing content for home page. I will share the strategy tomorrow.

Topics for niche website

I agree that its a great idea to start a niche web site. but, is it really so easy to find the niche subject. I am not yet aware about the tools that might be needed. but yes, general observations suggest that it is going to take some real efforts.

Dear reader,

I have a reason to believe that you are aware about what exactly niche web site means. However, only to confirm that we are on same page, let’s repeat it ones.

In layman’s language, a niche is the area/ field which is very minute. It can a subset of a broad subject. For example, dating can be a broad topic. But ‘dating for people above 55’ will be a niche.

Now, I have been thinking about what should be my first niche concept. And I tumbled upon a thought. How about choosing an evergreen topic? Now what are the topics. First and foremost (in my humble opinion) its sex. Second, technology and thus it follows. So, I thought about choosing a niche that revolves around sex. My primary thought is to for for men’s sexual health tips. However, I have a feeling that even this is a broad topic. Can you suggest me some options?

About Starting Amazon Affiliate Website

Can you choose Amazon associates / affiliate as a fj ‘ll time career? How good is this option. in this article I kind of promote Amazon associates. Mainly because, I found out its benefits to be greater than the risks. read on to explore more.

Dear readers,

I had mentioned in my previous blog about my recent interest in starting my niche website. I think I am pretty much into this idea. It sounds great given my obsession with content and creativity.

Yesterday I came accross, Amazon affiliate program as a career opportunity. I liked the concept in one go. Mainly because I am a marketing personal and the idea really synched with me. Now I am almost on the way to create my website. However, before I do that I am panning to read as much as possible about this subject. It’s always good to enter into any business with complete knowledge of pros and cons.

Amazon affiliate is a great opportunity. Given the fact that world is turning digital. Most of the business transactions are preffered to be completed online. However in this race, there is certainly a need for human touch in the digital transactions. That’s where the role of Amazon affiliate turns out to be a crucial key. An associate gives out his experiences and feelings. This creates a human involvement in the decision making.

Amazon associates also give you the opportunity to keep earning for a long long time. That means, the post written by you years ago can bring you a sell Today. You are creating the sources of passive income for yourself. Isn’t that great?

Kindly suggest me what should i do. Whether I should dive in or stay ashore? Your suggestion are welcome.

What is a niche website, my ideas on niche website

I am planning to start my online business in the area of niche website building. I hardly know anything about it. Though I have always been craving to start my website, I did not quite know how to begin. in this post I am giving some ideas on starting a niche web site. well, I agree that this is a very less information.

Lately I have been trying to build my niche website. I knew nothing about niche site to begin with. I heard this term while watching some YouTube video on start up ideas. I will share my ideas step by step. Let’s find out

What is meant by a niche website?
In layman’s language a niche website is the website that caters to the needs of specific group of people and has specific solutions or information to offer.

Now, if you are planning to create a niche website what you need most is the niche topic. For example, I am interested in topic of Online MBA. Can I start that website? No, because there are quite a number of websites out there that focus on providing online MBA.

Then can I opt for one of the following topics?
1. Study online MBA for free
2. Online MBA in HR / Marketing / finance etc free of cost.

What do you think about it? Kindly let me know your views and opinions.

Is there anything called luck?

I have been telling people around me quite often that I am a very lucky and the fortunate person. I have repeated this quite a number of times to date. Now, when I pause and reflect on my past, I tend to agree that I am quite a lucky person. However, is it really the thing called good-luck or the phenomenon of coincidences?

It was 2013, when I miraculously survived dying from the train mishap. In 2012 I had survived while driving.  In these cases and many more, somewhere I felt that someone was guiding me and pushing me to do things that did me some good and saved me.

Whenever I am in tight spot and wish to give upon something,. Things start changing for me all of a sudden. I have also observed that my wallet is never empty. If I am going to land broke, somehow money seems to find way to my wallet and  I survive. When I near the defeat, somehow the situation becomes favorable for me. Can I call it luck? What do you suggest my dear reader?

Does something like my experiences take place in your life too? Do share with your fellow readers.


Why I have to keep writing?

I always wanted to be an author. That was my dream job. however, I kinda accepted that I won’t be published. but, should I stop writing? what do you think?

Who am I? What’s the purpose of my life? What’s my identity? What would I like people to remember me as? The answers to all these questions and many more is- I am a writer.
I have tried to become a good sales person, a mentor, a speaker, a teacher. Even now I am trying to do something else. But am I successfully doing any of it? Am I satisfied with anything else. No.
At one point of time I started believing that I am not going to become a published author. That discouraged me. However, now i reckon it as my biggest mistake of my entire life. Because when I stopped trying to become a writer, I gave a reason to my soul to fight with my mind. The struggle was not easy. It created a constant conflicts in my mind. I couldn’t cope up with them.

Now, I need to keep writing. Otherwise the noises of my mind won’t subside. To keep myself going, to save myself from oblivion, to revive myself, to start a fresh- I need to keep writing. There’s no other way.

Fantasies of 26 yr old sales person

As a child and as a young boy I had plenty of fantasies. Even now when I am 26 I tend to enjoy being in the world of fantasies. maybe because I faced some challenges.

Dear reader,

I am sure you must have got an idea about what I am going to speak today. So without beating around the bush I will list out some of my fantasies. Since this is an open forum, I hope to hear your fantasies too.

-When I was a child I used to watch the animation stories. The cartoon episodes often revolved around the superheroes. Ever since then I believe in superheroes and super powers. As I grew up I began fantasizing, what if I had some specific superpowers. Even now when I am 26, I fantasize that suddenly I might get some superpowers.

I grew up in acute poverty. To tell you the truth, as a kid I often thought that everyone lived frugally like us. Because all my neighbourhood was drenched in poverty, ailments, illiteracy, violence. I thought that it was pretty normal. Even today I tend to think that one day a war will happen and it will establish supreme similarity between everyone. Everyone will be poor and live in absolute ruins.

I often fantasize that I will win a lottery ticket of a huge sum. I even start planning what I will do with that money. Funnily enough, I never bought a single lottery ticket in my life.

What are some of your fantasies. Pls share them in the comments section below.

Warm Regards