Going for morning walks has got numerous benefits on health, mind and happiness. It is often refered as the best form of physical exercise. It is a one stop solution For many and more problems. You want to get slim and healthy- go For morning walks; you want to improve your skin and eyesight – go For a morning walks; you want to maintain your youth and charm- go for morning walks; you want to start your day in good way- go for morning walks. For me, morning walks bring divine feelings. I walk around on the roadside and also go to the parks for morning walks.

The most beautiful thing about morning walks is- I get to meet with lot of people. I observe a lot of people. Lots of activity happens in the morning. I get to witness all. I observe and learn a lot of things on daily basis. Thought I could save these learning experiences in a form of the journal. And so formed the Looking Life.

I share a post daily here. Please follow the blog for regular updates. Please leave your experiences in the comments box. I like to listen to you so much.

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