How to be happy at work?

Being happy is the process. It’s all about managing stressful situations in right way.


For past few days, my work schedule is marred by the little conflicts going on at my office. In India, we call such tussle as Office Politics. What office- politics really means is one employee does back biting about other. The real tussle starts when other person finds out about this back biting.

The company where I am currently employed is a very small place. We have the total staff of 6 people only. In spite of this seemingly small employee strength, we face a lot of office politics. This impacted our professional lives to such an extent that one of our senior executives wanted to leave the organization. 

Being an office member, I knew about every inside story of this office politics. In fact, certain things involved me as a witness. And, to tell you the truth, its very troublesome. Because, there’s a chance that you will make some enemies even after doing the right thing. I, however, chose the right thing.

This whole incident, which involved a male and a female employee involved in oral spat, dragged on for a complete period of one week. Today, when it finally closed, I found some points worth sharing with everyone. 

1. The female employee had reacted to the words which the male employee hadn’t meant for her. Her disbelief on herself had dilluded her to think that the male employee talks about her all the time.

2. The person who communicated with both these employees had played real politics too. The third person made sure that the fire of anger stayed kindled between two of them.

3. The issues at stake were insignificant. It had arisen out of attitude problems. Had both the employees sat down and discussed, it might have been solved under 15 minutes.

4. It’s good to know that someone played foul with you. However, its not important to go to war at every small instance. The female employee had done this mistake.


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