What Is Meant By Individuality #Respect

My wife has found a new hobby. This time, however, my boss warned me that i should forbid her from pursuing her hobby. She said that it was potentially dangerous. So, I resolved the situation in my way.


Everyone of us has a corner in his heart which he has reserved for someone special. Everyone of us has got someone he cherishes to be with. Everyone of us has got someone he or she loves. In my case, I love my wife to that extent.

She is a one naughty girl who has left verbally everything for me. So dramatic and high spirited, she sometimes gives me a hard time. Sometimes it feels to me like i am living a filmy story. Sometimes it all just seem unrealistic. Happily enough, she exists in my life. And every morning when I open my eyes, I find her in my embrace. People often wish to have someone like that in their life. But I am the lucky one.

Recently she has developed a new hobby of snake catching. It was, actually, her long standing wish which has come true. And now, in no time, she has started posting the images of herself holding different snakes.

Honestly, I feel afraid. My logical mind knows that she caught the non poisonous snake. My find knows that they are clearly harmless. However, my other mind feels equally frightened with the idea of her getting hurt.

My boss at the office saw some of those images of my wife and screamed at me. “How do you tolerate this behaviour?” She asked. “It’s not proper at all. Why do you allow her to do these naughty things?”

Her question set me thinking. There were set of questions which I faced. I thought, do I really impose my wishes on her? Should I? The answer was, no. I am not capable of restricting her freedom.

If I let her do what she loves, will that affect my life? Yes, very positively. Because she will be happy; 

Am I allowed to impose restrictions on her? No, am not. That’s not what marriage means;

Has she taken advantage of the trust I put in her? No she hasn’t. She has just began.

I evaluated these things and found that, I shouldn’t interrupt in her hobbies. But yes, I should make it clear that hobbies should not lead to physical injuries or shouldn’t pose danger to life.

The same day, I had discussion with my wife. She was very happy because she had caught couple of snakes that day. I didn’t want to spoil her spirits. So, I just went ahead with asking, how she was progressing with the hobby. I was convinced that they used a lot of safety measures. And she had got a good deal of understanding about keeping herself safe. 

One hobby has significantly improved her moods. She is increasingly positive and happy nowadays. 

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